Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trust Him Baloney: Obama Apologizes For Being Late To Work Again


You can get by with a lot when you're charming. Punctuality is obviously not Mr. Obama's strong suit. He's got better things to do and doesn't seem to mind being putting others through repetetive procedures and questions. But, he has the transcripts. A very self-important man for sure. And he's paying billions and billions to make himself important to the rest of us too. Can hardly wait for his self-important nonsense to begin.

You can file these under Obama's Greatest Baloney, just to name a very few.

I apologize for being late.... I'm going to make everything better...I'll change the world.... I'll restore faith in government.... I'm not going to raise your taxes (fair warning)....I'll give a new meaning to change and hope.... I'll take government campaign finance for the election.... I'll make government-run healthcare more affordable, trust me. I'm pro Israel all the way.


vienna va said...

Good lord. Have you ever watched C-SPAN? That sort of stuff happens ALL THE TIME. Congressmen and Senators - Democrats and Republicans - come in and out of hearings every day.

If you really want to get America to hate Barack Obama as much as you do, send that picture of Obama in his Klan outfit to Fox News. I guarantee you they will run that 24/7 between now and next Tuesday. No America-hating, latte-sipping, volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, terrorist sympathizing communist/marxist/leninist/socialist liberal will vote for him if they know he's affilitated with that group!!

Webutante said...

watching C-Span for more than several days should be enough to elect McCain and send government men Obama and Biden into the wilderness forever.

vienna va said...

What? Why would watching CSPAN be enough to make people vote for McCain? People on all parts of the political spectrum watch it.

"Government men"? You do know that McCain's running to be head of the government, right? And that he's been in Washington as an elected official since 1982?

"Into the wilderness forever?" What are you implying, exactly?

Capitol P said...

I watched the news on FOX and CNN this evening. Did not see this on either.

Generally speaking - first term Junior Senators are not late (especially when the committee has called someone of Sec. Rice's stature) and rarely miss meetings (and there are lots probably close to 100 if you count nominations and clearing the decks meetings).

I was sort of amused by the audacity. Nothing Obama surprises me anymore.

Yon'sThe Man! said...

An interesting Article by Michael Yon written 10/27 on the subject.

Iraq stories have been a no go since the surge has turned things around.

Other No-Gos: Murtha calling his constituents redneck racists.