Friday, November 9, 2012

Woman, Mid-30s Seeks Man Late Fifties In Position of Power For Fling, Possible International Incident

MARRIED WOMAN WITH DOE-GREEN EYES SEEKS POWERFUL MAN for extracurricular engagement and fling outside marriage and country. Like to jog 5-10 miles daily, write fawning dissertations and educate men on a wide variety of subjects. Man must have top security clearance and be willing to share secrets, including highly-sensitive emails. Favorite bedroom fantasy is Sudden Resignation---about bringing down Congressional chief witnesses through perfectly timed scandal and high-profile downfall. Ruining reputations is another. Prefer to embed with four-star general for fun and fame.


gcotharn said...

To blog comment, to rant. I shall now surge out 100 words, and shall not edit them, and maybe they will hold together, or not. I don't take them too seriously. Its a fast rant:


I have said it, again and again: if women could spend one hour with testosterone coursing through them, then they would be more forgiving of foolish behavior by men.

If most good and decent men avoid tangible physical misbehavior during their lifetimes, that circumstance is no reason for those men to be arrogant. Those men, many times, were close to falling over the edge into indiscretion. They were fortunate, and blessed, to not fall over the edge into tangible indiscretion. They could have. And it doesn't matter how good and true they were: they were too close, on multiple occasions, to falling. And, even if they were so disciplined and fortunate and blessed to avoid tangible physical indiscretion, they nevertheless DID fall over the edge re lusting in their hearts. The only way to avoid that, imo, is to be some type of unusual asexual physical being. And, so, while I have appreciation for good and decent men who have avoided physical indiscretion, for they surely were and are strong men who deserve accolade, yet, I also have awareness that they were, also, fortunate and blessed. Even the best: even the very, very best, still needed good fortune and blessing. And they still sinned in their hearts.

And I do not intend this as any type of excuse. Rather, I mean it as simple truth. Just as here, beside me and under me, is the floor .. so it is that testosterone is a volatile drug .. and this is simply the way men are designed.

And, though this design is a gigantic cause of trauma in a marriage, I always have an odd opinion, which is: if women had husbands who were never, ever tempted by sexual indiscretion, then wives would be unhappy creatures. Which is to say: women like men who are fully men - including the seeming frustrating aspects of male design. Women would not like men who were never, ever tempted sexually. If women had those men, then women would detest them and dislike them: women would not be attracted to them. In my opinion.

gcotharn said...

also, off topic, but: just saw this 90 second video, from May, by Mary Katherine Ham, about Elizabeth Warren's campaign, and it made me guffaw in laughter, and it might get you to laugh, also

Webutante said...

Great comment, Greg, and very true. I'm not making light of it; however a man who has testosterone AND is pursed by an attractive, much younger woman who is doing a fawning biography---like Rielle filming John Edwards everywhere he went---and embed with him on top of that is a no-brainer. It's a set-up for career and marital disaster---nothing more, nothing less.

Welcome to Sudden Resignation a la testoserone, mon ami.

gcotharn said...

yes, we are on the same page, re much or all of this. Re even the best men being tempted, and re "a set-up for career and marital disaster", I suddenly recall that Billy Graham instituted a rule during his ministry: he was to never be alone in a room with a woman who was not his wife. In all situations, there was to be a third person in the room. Billy Graham, one of the good men, ever, was aware of potential circumstantial set-ups for disaster.

Webutante said...

Yes. Pastors like Graham are especially vulnerable because they often are in a position to counsel hurting, confused and needy women. When you add 'attractive' and being alone in the room to that, it can and often does end very badly.

I predict this Patraeus scandal is the tip of the iceberg for this administrations gross midhandling of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

gcotharn said...

The Benghazi thing has a lot of layers. It will not be simple to unravel. Make believe media will not assist in unraveling it, but will cover for Barack, as they did for Clinton during the Monica Lewinski days. And, I still expect Barack to assert that he covered up certain things for national security reasons (related to the CIA doings at the consulate in Benghazi). If Barack asserts such a thing, it will become even more difficult to unravel the various layers.

I suspect Benghazi is the largest Presidential scandal of my lifetime. Barack acted reprehensibly. Any honorable person would resign, and any honorable political party would demand his resignation.

However, given the circumstances -- especially the circumstance that the evening news will be running a cover up for Barack, and especially the circumstance that Repubs are historically inept in such media-investigation circumstances, therefore I do not know how to predict an outcome. To me, everything is up in the air, and everything includes that Barack skips away from this with hardly a scratch on him. I consider the outcome to be extremely unpredictable, and I consider that to be the case even if Barack is a guilty dog. So, I just don't know. I am watching events, without having an opinion or an expectation.

Webutante said...

Unpredictable indeed. However, all things being equal, President Obama should be impeached or step down before he's inaugurated in January, the 13th, as in 2013!

gcotharn said...

"all things being equal"

You are a tease... :)

Wouldn't it be SOMETHING if he was forced out before his inauguration! Nice premise for a novel - a political thriller which would include international intrigue.

Webutante said...

It would be something, and I'm betting it might even get so big that it could irreparibly damage Obama and his presidency.

gcotharn said...

I definitely think it possible that Benghazi could irreparably damage Obama. But I do not know how to handicap the odds of that occurring. Many layers. Many possible outcomes. Obviously, I hope Obama goes.

Separately, look at this photo of Petraeus and doe eyes:

Photos can lie. So, I don't know the actual situation. But, in the instant of the photo, Petraeus looks like a high school junior who finally found a hot girl who would sleep with him. One could imagine Petraeus being that guy: his entire life, he always did the right thing, he was always secretly envious of men who had affairs with hot girls, and Petraeus himself never found a hot girl who would sleep with him (at least during a moment in which he was weak enough to fall). And then doe eyes jogged into the picture. And Petraeus subconsciously reverted into the awkward teenaged boy he once was.

I have to say: doe eyes looks like bad news from head to toe. I have read that she went to a military academy, and that she was an intelligence professional. An intelligence professional knows how to professionally influence an awkward teenage boy. Most 15 year old girls know how to do that. Such is easy .. eeaaaassssyyyy .. for an intelligence professional. Beyond easy.

Webutante said...

Most women know how to be seductive when they wanna be especially when she has a man's number that she targets. Then it becomes a predatory thing as in this case....

Tregonsee said...

Being a monogamous male is profoundly unnatural. So is being a Christian. Something about a fallen state comes to mind. That is why when someone asks me whether I am saved, I reply "No, but I am being saved." It is an endless task so long as we are here. After that, I gather it gets better.

On a political note, I am sorry that we have lost a potential president. His ability to recover failing military situations will be desperately needed, sooner rather than later. Were he a Liberal this would all be passed over as a private matter.

I would bet my pension, a safe move since I don't have one, that Benghazi (as well as Fast and Furious) will be quietly buried unless HRC decides to throw BHO under her 2016 campaign bus. Fox was the only place where it was being covered at a level comparable to Watergate, and they are still recovering from the election coverage and results debacle.

Webutante said...

Sadly you may be right, but hope not. Our supernatural God is in control and anything can happen against all odds.