Friday, November 9, 2012

Real Victims of the Entitlement State


"THE WORST VICTIMS of injustice [the government's meddling, overregulated, overtaxed entitlement state] are the ambitious poor. By sapping immense amounts of capital from productive individuals, the entitlement state cuts down on the number of businesses that get launched, the number of jobs that get created, the amount of economic progress that takes place, the amount of economic opportunity that is available. Although the wealthy can get by in an entitlement state, at least for a while, those wishing to climb out of poverty often cannot." Very importantly for those eager to get a sense of what animates their thinking, they're not for pure capitalism simply "because it helps the poor or teaches us to be good citizens." They acknowledge the latter to be undeniably true, and write that a "free, prosperous economy is inevitably a benevolent one." That capitalism lifts all boats is a tautology, and one that reveals itself wherever the productive are unshackled by government in favor of economic freedom."

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