Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wednesday Updates: Fasten Seat Belts And Away We Go

HOPE YOU FEEL WELL-RESTED THIS MORNING. I certainly do after a good night's sleep and am ready to start stockpiling food, water and ammunition........just kidding (sort of). A couple of links I'd like to direct us to that I think are worth a day-after read.

FIRST, John Tamny says today that Romney lost because of poor, incoherent advice of his main economic advisers:
To put it plainly, Romney turned what should have been a landslide election into a victory for his opponent. He did so because in an election once again about the economy, he had the wrong people whispering in his ear about economic policy. With Romney having lost, it’s time for the GOP to rebuild, and one necessity while doing so should be the banishment of Romney’s economic advisers to hidden corners of academe so that they’re never heard from again. Specifically, to ensure better victory odds in 2016, it would be wise for GOP fixers to send Mankiw back to Harvard, Hubbard back to Columbia, and Hassett back to the world of think tanks as a way of ensuring that their mostly anti-growth ideas don’t pollute the mind of the next Republican presidential candidate.
SECOND, Selwyn Duke has never been so unhappy to be right, cause he predicted all along Obama's re-election. Writing at American Thinker he makes some terrific points in answering where we go from here:

So where do we go from here? First, we must stop rationalizing and look truth in the eye. There are no national ballot-box solutions, and America's winter is nigh. And will we, as all civilizations eventually do, soon go the way of ancient Rome? It's possible. Remember, however, that when Rome fell there were still people living in her lost lands. They still had to forge societies. And some did a better job than others.

And what of the immediate future? Well, I'll write more about that in the coming months. For now I'll leave it at this: what would you do if you were part of an organization whose leadership became ever more tyrannical and intransigent?

We must focus on our states and localities, on uncompromisingly doing the right thing within them. Are you with me? Because all I can say is that if I were a governor, I would certainly make news. What else can you do when caught in the course of human events?


Webutante said...


You are welcome to invite your readers to watch Rachel Maddow at your leisure, but not here.

We'll see what happens in the next four years when the money runs out.

Be well.

Ellen said...

Yes, you won't believe a Rhodes Scholar, Doctorate from Oxford... Rachael Maddow, but you subscribe to college dropout "recovered" drug addicts Limbaugh and Beck. Just like you diss Maddow, your side scoffed at Nate Silver and pumped up your right leaning Rasmussen Polls ... look who was 100% correct, and look who was wrong. Maybe someday, you'll start listening to the smart people.

As far as the money running out, yes, defund NPR whose annual budget equals what was spent in Iraq buy Bush every 72 hrs for 8+ yrs. Where was the teaparty then?

Webutante said...

You are correct, Ellen, I'd much rather listen to a recovering drug addict than listen to Rachel Maddow any day. And fyi, I've probably listen to Rush a total of 5 minutes in my entire life.

I'm glad to know Mr. Obama's winning a second term has jollied you up so! You come across as still bitter, vindictive and self-righteous. You folks are never satified, are you. You get abortion and you want other people to pay for it. You have birth control and you want other people to pay for it.

You and Rachel represent the infantalizing of women in America by insisting on rights without reponsibilities.

Good day, my dear.