Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Country Has Truly Lost It



HEAVENS TO BETSY! Greetings from Kansas. Just want to weigh in momentarily on the ridiculous national orgasm our country is having over this publicity-seeking nut case--A minister?? Really??---in Florida who's wrapped the media---and most of us--- around his little finger over his plan to burn the Quran on 9/11. When will we ever learn to ignore stuff like this instead of making a gargantuan mountain the size of Everest out of a molehill? Or even giving it credence by debating it?

Can't we ever learn to just walk away and ignore someone? Why do we continue to give such vast amounts of power to anything outside ourselves and their immaturity? I can tell you when things like this happen, one thing's for sure....Islam has won. This nut pastor has won. Fear and terror have won, hands down.

Just for the record President Obama, General Paetrus, Hillary Clinton and a cast of unnamed thousands have lost. They've also all lost my vote...every one of them for all time.

Didn't we learn when we raised our children that bad behavior persists when we make a huge deal over it? Ignore it and set limits which the Constitution has done. Instead this idiot---who should remain unnamed and unlinked---has succeeded in creating an international incident over this. Now another nut in Springfield, Tennessee is getting into the act.

From here, any idiotic publicity seeker can and will soon enter the fray.

I sincerely think we are in a national sophomoric emotional regression of heroic proportions. Until we start to grow up and ignore and shun certain stunts and stunt seekers---and our frothing media starts to grow up instead of always being hyper-excited---we'll more and more be at the effect of a minority of lunatics on all sides of the fence. Sad, sad, sad and silly to the max.

We need to start walking away much more often instead of this compulsive national need to manage and control everyone and everything. And comment on everything. President Obama is a nut himself. There, I said it.

Good day.


mRed said...

As the man said, "Jake. It's Chinatown."

Illogical behavior has become news because it drives politics toward one thing and away from another. To some, it is better politically to talk about a crazy man who states that he is a minister and is going to burn a Koran. That is more palatable to some (a crazy cracker) than discussing falling polls, falling economy and America falling down. Deflection at its worst? Or best? I say worst because the discussion is transparently wasting time.

Webutante said...

Here, here!