Monday, September 13, 2010

Great Dress, Beautiful Presentation, Blake

IN OUR CURRENT CULTURE OF NEVER-ENDING FASHION AWARDS EXTRAVAGANZAS AND BIZARRE OPENINGS---where clothes and costumes get more outrageous by the minute, it's truly refreshing to see a woman present herself with a modicum of good taste and discretion.

A woman looking like a woman should is a beautiful thing to behold.

Enter Blake Lively photographed in Toronto at the film festival this past weekend premiering her new movie. How refreshing. Of course it doesn't hurt that she has a world class great figure and gorgeous long blond hair. But so do plenty of other wackos who walk the red carpet.

Nope. She's a classically beautiful woman here and lovely to look at. Perhaps the most appealing part of the outfit is that her dress is hemmed at a perfect length instead of the current fad of thigh-high which I find extremely unattractive and screams for desperate attention. The length of Blake's dress here fits the proportions of her height and long legs to a tea and steps out of the narrow confines of fad-wear and into the the classic fashion hall of fame.

I also like the deep red lipstick for this formal occasion and the feminine red pumps that bring this striking dress into unified perfection.

Nice job, Blake. And just so you know she can do it twice, here she is looking darling in a summery classic garden party dress.

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