Monday, September 20, 2010

Could We Talk, Hillary?


KNOW YOU'RE BUSY AND STRESSED what with the wedding this summer, the UN meeting this week in Manhattan and Bill's Global Intiative going on right up the street, so I'll make it brief and to the point: This is not your best look by a long shot. Not even by a country mile. We all have bad hair days when we're too tired and involved in the cares of the world to take care of ourselves and recharge our batteries.Sometimes we just stay close to home. But you're out in public and need to go look at yourself in the mirror. Right now. Then run out to the nearest salon and get a quick cut, shampoo and blow-out that puts you back in the presentable lane. A little more softness around your face and a few more bangs would be good.

Please don't do this again. There will be no excuse if you do. You can forget ever running for president. It just wouldn't do to have you looking like a puff ball while trying to become president. Do us all a favor and get yourself back in a little better shape with a little more stylish do. And shining shampooed hair. Do it for the children....and the orphans and the whales and.....

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Bob's Blog said...

On second thought, ignore Webutante, Hillary. Forget the softness. Be yourself!