Friday, September 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week Ends With Beautiful Feminine Gowns I'd Love To Wear

STARTING WITH THOSE CRACKERJACK BE-RIBBONED ORANGE POP VENUS PUMPS...I TELL MYSELF WHEN IT GETS RIGHT DOWN TO IT, THERE'S VERY little I really covet anymore. Then I pat myself on the back, feel rather self-righteousness and go on with my life. I really think I mean it. Until. Well, until I see photos of the grand finale of New York's fashion week yesterday. Gallery at The Daily Beast.

Lord, I love every one of these dresses! Is there a recession that may go into a double dip or depression? More banks going under? OK, I'll buy some silver and store olive oil and Clorox. But oh my goodness, how I'd love to be wearing any one of these feminine dresses when our economic ship goes down. Just for a little while....if only on the way to my revolutionary vegetable garden! Is that too much to ask?ABOVE: Could this be the perfect apres-fishing/hiking outfit for Jackson---leather, glitter, sequins, satins, velour and silver? Oh and did I mention a small touch of soft fur? Ethereal. What more could an outdoorsy girl like me ask for? After denim comes chiffon. Mercy me, I love these neutral softnesses!

OK, OK, so this one might be just a bit too-too for me. Somehow I don't think this chiffon whip would work so well at the Calico. But it might be perfect for a mid-summer southern ball at Tara. I can just see Sarah Jessica Parker stepping out of her over-sized limo onto the red carpet at the Oscars in this. Divine and divinely feminine to the max for the real woman who can carry it off.

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