Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle In Magenta, In Vogue

The Slobbering Love Affair of the Media with Obama (make that the Obamas)


Vogue and feminist photographer Annie Leibovitz are going to be creating a mythological, larger-than-life, romanticized woman of Michelle Obama. They couldn't wait to get their hands on her because she's got the right liberal politics. Out with the Laura Bush who stood by her man, was soft-spoken and respected by every man, woman and child on the planet---a real Proverbs 31 woman. Laura was not amenable to being handled by anyone like Vogue, except by her principles, her husband and family. But I don't believe that's the case with Michelle. The hype has only just begin. Soon, she'll be the media-perfected post modern woman in every way, glamorized to the max. Masses of women will not just want to look like her, they'll want to actually be her. Get ready.

She's a woman who wants to have fun dinner parties with Castro and Ahmadinejad and with Barack reach out to other of our enemies who wish us harm. After all, they'll be so charmed with her and her husband, they'll want to give up their nuclear aspirations and evil intentions towards our country and partner with us for peace. Right! Michelle is a hip woman who wants you to have the right to abort your child, even up to the seventh, eighth or ninth months. of a pregnancy. A mother, career woman, first lady who's cool in every post-modern way.

But I digress.

As far as I'm concerned, Vogue's advising Michelle on her inaugural suit (have a long jacket that covers your behind, so it won't look as large as Laura Bush's while you're walking down Pennsylvania Ave.) was a bit off-base. But I have to say, Michelle looks great in the above cover photo. Great color, great image, pose. She's an attractive woman who carries her tall frame well and looks good in vivid colors. She's got a good hair cut that works well with her lifestyle and frame.

But be forewarned. Her new handlers want to glamorize her life, politics, her very liberal cultural and social views and agenda---her feminism and ambivalent, relative patriotism---to the hilt. Because they want to make us all liberal, citizens of the world, like them.

Don't be fooled. She looks good. But we haven't the foggiest what she really stands for or whether she'll stand the test of time weeks, months, years from now. Or whether she'll be the right kind of role model for younger women and girls. I hope so. But with Vogue at the helm of her image making, I have my doubts.

Laura Bush, however, did. And her real legacy will be hard to follow. Even for the mythological Michelle. But if anyone, anything, is up to the hyping the new first lady, surely it's Vogue and those who grind the mighty, godless feminist agenda are.

MICHELLE IS THE FIRST LADY THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR? In what way? Hipness? Fashion savvy? Anything goes-ness? That's quite a headline for someone who's been first lady for only a few weeks. But as in Hollywood, we won't let reality get in the way of some good publicity.

So stay tuned. Let's see if she can keep up with her Vogue handlers and the raised expectations they're creating. I'm holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Oh for pete's sake. It's a picture and an article. Get over your absolute hatred for the Obamas. You've got a case of Obama Derangement Syndrome that would make the worst Bush hater in this country look like W's biggest fan.

What's next? A twelve paragraph essay on how the Obama girls didn't earn their soccer trophies? Seventeen paragraphs on how the Obamas are disrepecting the United States based on their choice of dinnerware - complete with bold and italicized font? I can hardly wait for your expose on their new dog. Let me guess: you'll hate the breed, think the name is stupid, believe the girls look terrible with it, blah, blah, blah.

And seriously, enough with the "ambivalent patriotism" crap. That's absolute and total bullshit. Why do people like you continue to think you've cornered the market on patriotism? It's so pathetic and laughable...I feel sorry for you that you haven't figured out yet that people who disagree with you also love this country. It's even more sad that you will probably never accept that.

Webutante said...

Sorry, vienna, I don't have time to on my way to listen to the National Anthem while I prepare dinner....

Anonymous said...

I like Michelle's look and think that color on her really works. As far as her being the first lady we've all been waiting for, the jury is still out and will be for a long time.

Anonymous said...

She does look nice in that picture, however, the truth is in spite of untold amounts of money and attention by professional designers/stylists (and photo retouching), she still manages to look merely average. I truly believe that beauty comes from within, and it's clear to me that Mrs. Obama's ugly ideologies have taken their toll. Contrast her with Sarah Palin, who is drop-dead gorgeous inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, anon...good points.

Anonymous said...

I think you were overly kind to Michelle O. here. I don't believe she carries herself well at all. My hubby says she looks "ghetto" in his humble opinion.

And what about that Valentine Date? Did they fly to Chicago just for that? Did they use Air Force One, Marine One, Limos, secret service!! ??? How much did that date cost just in fuel alone?

Anonymous said...

Virtually every magazine on the market is in the tank for the Obamas. Have no problem with Michelle being on the cover, and it's a great pic, no doubt. But that headline ... wow.

I subscribed to Men's Health for years and loved how nonpartisan it was. Heck, it's a men's magazine, why does it have to get its hands dirty with politics?

Tell that to GQ and Esquire.

When the election drew near Men's Health couldn't help itself. It put Obama on the cover with a glowing article. I canceled my subscription. And I wasn't alone.

Egy Azziera said...

They are definitely going to be in the limelight as far as fashion! Michelle Obama chose a great color but the material of her dress was not flattering on her.

Michelle Obama already has established her individuality through her fashion choices, but with a self-assurance and far-reaching influence similar to her predecessors. But I'm sure she also works out.