Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Short Word on Resort Vacationing

Where we all met for breakfast yesterday. The center of town, a happening, chaotic crowded place. Sensational weather, with mild temperatures and very low humidity. I suppose it is a visual feast for sore eyes. For some.

I love visiting and reconnecting with extended family over huevos.

However, only a few days in a place like this and I realize I'm not cut out for resort vacation/living for the long haul, or even the medium run. From our vantage point yesterday, I watched the cruise ships bobbing in the harbor and thought how, if I happened to find myself on one, I would try to escape to dry land and beg to be incarcerated in jail, rather than have to return to the boat. Can't imagine being on one of those pleasure, love boats by choice.

I kept asking people if there are any trails up that hill at land's end in the background right, and no one seemed to know. Never mind. There are plenty of other hills for me to go up and down here. And that's enough for me.


A distant male relative from D.C. here with us turned to me in the car yesterday with the following pronouncement:

He: "I simply ain't cut out for this place for very long."

Me: "My thoughts exactly. But tell me why? Put words to it while you're at it."

He: "It seems in resorts like this people from the States have thrown in the towel and come to slowly die of a life of pleasure. I want to die in the fray with my sword still bloodied, so to speak. The weather is lovely and the company good, but this place is wearing thin for me."

Me: "I couldn't have said it better. Can I quote you on my blog?"

He: "Yes, of course. And tell 'em we'll both be back to the fray in a couple of days!"

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The fray is where it's at!