Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Ugh Report: Democratic Candidate John Edwards Candidacy Will Soon Bite the Dust When Rielle Hunter Pregnancy Rumors Confirmed?

THURSDAY UPDATE on John Edwards-Rielle Hunter story.

John Edwards, baby daddy?

Rumors have been circulating for months and months, and now appear undeniable: John Edwards has a girlfriend who's six months pregnant.

Drudge headlines it late Tuesday. The National Enquirer screams it in its current edition: Rielle Hunter is having John Edwards baby for sure? The aphrodisiac power of politics. Rielle Hunter was Edward's videotographer, and now allegedly secluded in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Her web videos of Edward's campaign disappeared but now have surfaced again.

Presidential candidate John Edwards is washed up. if this is true Completely. Utterly. It will be a two-person race between The Clintons and Obamas.

After months of denial, the truth is coming out? If Edwards doesn't like it, well he can just......sue us.

He's toast. Burnt toast at that.

UPDATE: Former campaign assistant Andrew Young is now taking the rap, saying he's the father of Rielle's baby. What a story!

In a bizarre twist, Young, a 41-year-old married man with young children, now claims HE is the father of Reille's baby. But others are skeptical about his claim and talk of a political cover up is heating up. Reille, when contacted in person by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, denied that she was Reille Hunter. Later, she hired a lawyer and issued a statement, saying that Young is the father. But a source close to the 43-year-old divorcee says Rielle has told a far different story privately. "Rielle told me she had a secret affair with Edwards. When she found out that she was pregnant she said he was the father."Rielle loves Edwards and will do anything to protect him, the source said. The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has obtained exclusive photos of a visibly pregnant Rielle and learned from close sources that she has been in phone contact with Edwards. That information has not been denied by anyone. "Rielle told me while Andrew Young is a friend, she's not romantically involved with him," says the source close to Rielle.

To be continued for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't have happened to a better loser. He was cluttering up the race anyway.