Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogging A Gentle Sea Breeze

I must be dreaming. I awaken early this morning to the sounds of gentle breezes through an open door, a fan whirring over my bed and the sounds of birds and the sea in the background. I touch my bare feet down on a tile floor and wiggle my toes in delight. The sun comes up over the sea and bougenvillia floods my eyes on the terrace beyond. Excuse me, I mean bougenvillia on the terrace beyond floods my eyes.

I think I shall like this dream, for a few days anyway. I promise myself I will learn how to spell bougenvillia correctly before I wake up. But for now, I shall be very quiet, with nary a thought of presidential primaries, proper syntax or Drudge to jar me awake. Now if I can just find some fresh avocado to have with my green eggs and ham without offending my hosts with my outlandish food choices. They say, 'you want what for breakfast?!' I say, 'just a little avocado, pour favor.'

In fact, I could live on avocado, olive oil, and water for a while. Oh, and little black coffee thrown in for good measure.

Before the sun rise.


Rita Loca said...

I am nearly sharing your dream. We are in the low country of South Carolina visiting the in laws. In a beach house, looking out over the sand, Beautiful !!!

Webutante said...

Sounds wonderful, Rita, enjoy being laid back for a while. Great way to recharge our batteries!

Bob's Blog said...

Where are you? I love bougenvillia!

Webutante said...

At the end of Baja, right where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific. So I guess I spelled bougenvillia correctly?! Sending you bougenvillia wishes for all the best in 2008!