Friday, December 28, 2007

Recent Interview With Benazir Bhutto

UPDATE: Joel Rosenberg on why Bhutto's assassination matters.

Gail Sheehy interviews the late Pakistani opposition leader in a piece that was scheduled for publication in Parade Magazine Jan. 6. What red-blooded American woman doesn't grieve over Bhutto's brutal double assassination/murder? Like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, she lived in constant danger of being murdered. From this interview:

Like her country, Bhutto is a riddle. Brilliant, beautiful, fearless, she is also ruthlessly ambitious, devious and corrupt. The first question that perplexes an American: How could Bhutto — Harvard- and Oxford-educated, unapologetically secular — have become the first woman elected to lead a Muslim country? In part, the answer is that in dynastic Pakistan, she is effectively royalty. The second question: Why should this election matter so much to America? That answer is simpler. Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Also, the most dangerous place in the world is Pakistan’s lawless border with Afghanistan. It is a Ho Chi Minh Trail of terrorism where Osama bin Laden is believed to enjoy sanctuary.

She was undoubtedly wildly, scandalously ambitious like Hillary, and came by it naturally via birth, or else, how could she have become political royalty as she was? The puerile drama in these Muslim countries just isn't going to stop. In fact, it will undoubtedly ratchet up going forward.

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