Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Fun Theory, Can It Motivate/Reward Us to Behave Better?


Source, Carpe Diem


Meanwhile, some of the least fun things I saw around the Web early this morning:

IT'S SORTA OLD NEWS, yet bears repeating. As the public increasingly cools on climate change and the scare tactics of AlGore and company, the Cancun conference outdoes itself in believing its own silliness. Does the Mayan Goddess Ixchen ring a bell? If not it's because she and her culture were destroyed thousands of years ago by----wait for it....a climate catastrophe of some kind--- and so now the climate nazis---who are experiencing their own climate catastrophe of sorts--- are resurrecting and calling on her help in their opening prayers. Makes sense to me. Meanwhile, Brian Sussman has more on The Cancun Climate Crock @ American Thinker.

As my grandmother used to say, Lord help the church! This reminds me of a time a while back when I sold my cabin in the wilderness to a well-bonused/flushed with cash employee of Goldman Sachs who was in the process of leaving Manhattan and wanted to simpler life in Wyoming. When I asked him why he was leaving the heady world of investment banking at Goldman---and I'll never forget his reply--- he said, It's time to leave because I'm starting to believe my own BS!

Something for the climate crowd in Cancun to keep in mind no doubt as they pray to their goddess Ixchel.

MEANWHILE, Ed Driscoll has a word for Ted Turner on his climate extremism @ Pajamas.

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