Monday, December 13, 2010

Coldest December Since 1942 Grips Nashville?

WHY DELTA STOCK GAPPED UP LAST WEEK HEY, WAIT JUST A COTTON-PICKIN' MINUTE ALL YOU HEADLINE WRITERS at my old journalism alma mater, The Tennessean! It's only the 13th of December already! So how can we know it's the coldest yet? Is it really that bad such that we're now declaring it the worst since before I was born? Now that's pretty bad!

I'll grant you it's miserable out there. And it may indeed end up being a record. But I'm not ready to put your call on it just yet.

Meanwhile, the above pic from the Tennessean webpage, shows one of my favorite outdoor aerobic workouts---the steps at the end of Belle Meade Blvd going into Percy Warner Park. Here Vanderbilt's ROTC are getting their chilly afternoon exercise. Do that a couple of times, and you've got yourself a small mountain climb under your belt.

MEANWHILE 1, Mr. Wikileaks' embarassing online dating profile. Free, as in not behind bars, desperate women need not apply.

MEANWHILE 2, today is Fedex's busiest day of the year.

MEANWHILE 3: Southwest experiencing record-breaking warmth. But is it the warmest since 1942?

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