Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama's Inaugural Outfit, Yeah Or Nay?


NO TOPIC on the minds and lips of women everywhere yesterday was of greater interest than the topic of The Outfit Michelle wore for her husband's swearing in. Never mind that Bush was jeered at the dais, Ted Kennedy had a seizure afterwards, Cheney arrived in a wheelchair, Obama repudiated much of Bush's policies in his speech, the day was cold, the stock market down over 330 points, and there was only one porta-toilet for every 500 human bladder in the District yesterday. All of that was of little or no concern next to the real topic: What didya think of the outfit?

We women like to get down to the really important stuff, the nitty gritty. At first I hesitated to weigh in, but after sleeping on it, I've decided to put my two-cents worth in.

First I think Michelle is a great looking woman with a definite sense of her own style. She will undoubtedly set lots of new fashion trends--for better or worse--and keep outfitters like J Crew and Gap afloat during these tough economic times.

Having said that, I was not dazzled with the outfit. Here's why: she looked as if she was on her way to the first inaugural ball and was skipping the swearing in entirely. That's right, she looked like she was going straight for the celebration without passing GO! For my money it seems as if she was overdressed for the day occasion.

As for whether she looked like she was wearing a brocade tablecloth---one of our favorite sub-topics yesterday---I would have to say yes, sort of. Most of her admirers called her outfit BOLD, but I would have to say she had a bit of misplaced enthusiasm, and leave it at that. Yes, the color was eye-popping on that dreary DC winter day. But the rhinestone neck was a bit much, even under cloudy skies.

Over the grapevine I've heard the editors of Vogue Magazine advised and dressed Michelle for the inaugural day, after she did a photo shoot for an upcoming edition with photographer Annie Liebovitz. Evidently they admonished her about wearing a short suit jacket that might make her be-hind look big (as they said, like Laura Bush's). They, the powers that be at Vogue, also encouraged her with the eye-popping gold (yeller?) color. As a result, Michelle, wore a long jacket to minimize her derriere and a wild color to meet Vogue's advice on standing out in the crowd.

So there you have it. What did you think?

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And we haven't even discussed the ball gown below....


Anonymous said...

I was personally disgusted by the outfit. No self respecting woman should ever wear hue of that fabric in that kind of formal settings....wait, nevermind...they should just never wear it. Ostentatious for the swearing in and underdressed for a ball. Why?

sherry said...

brocade with sparkles during daytime hours? nope.

white lining for the coat with the brocade sparkly material seams showing? nope.

her ballgown was too long and the train should've been ditched.

dress worn to the national cathedral was in poor taste.

She's a lovely woman but needs a decent clothing handler, etiquette coach and poise coach. representing the United States calls for it.

my 'pinion.

Rita Loca said...

I am too ignorant of such things to have an opinion.
I have 'fish' photo photo up that you might like to see.

Anonymous said...

As if Michelle Obama's inaugural day outfit seemed to be the epitome of inappropriate attire for the coronation of her husband, she succeeded in outdoing herself the very next day at the prayer service in the Washington Cathedral. Seated in the front row along with her husband, the Bidens and of course the Clintons who will never go away, Michelle wore a short sleeve black and white abstract print shirt waist dress and black flats. The skirt appeared to be full and was reminiscent of those dresses back in the '50's. I have NO idea who the designer is, but I can only say that the dress was ugly. Let's hope that someone will get hold of Michelle Obama and get the word to her that elegance is achieved by understated designs and solid colors. No brocade!! Both Jill Biden and Hilliary Clinton were in tailored suits. Hillary, by the way, is enormous these days. Get a tread mill delivered to the State Department ASAP!


Anonymous said...

A truly historical day. Michelle regrettably did not get the memo regarding "First Lady Inaugural Frocks". Some twisted person intercepted it and instead sent her the memo "First Linebacker Coronation Frock". And somehow convinced her that Gallbladder Green is a great color for pumps & gloves.

Anonymous said...

Nay, in my opinion. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but she doesn't meet my standard of attractiveness. This photo is very unflattering at best - her legs are not her best feature.

Webutante said...

I think Michelle is a fine and imposing looking woman. However, this look for a daytime inaugural is a bit inappropriate. And I did not like her cotillion look during the midnight hours...all that fabric and the long hem was silly looking and uncomfortable to watch.

TheiaT said...

Overall, I say Nay. I must say, however, that the "yeller"... er...lemongrass frock beats the heck out of the black&red-black-widow-spider outfit she displayed on another important occasion in the not so distant past!!!

Unknown said...

Definitely a huge NAY for my vote! Did her gloves even match her shoes?

And for the ball gown, I first thought of a rag upon seeing it.
As the night wore on, I began thinking Wilma Flintstone or Toga.

You chose the perfect word - UNCOMFORTABLE to watch her at those balls.

Anonymous said...

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