Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, President Bush's Last Day in Office

STUNNING: Another Bush supporter. H/T

Eric at Tygrrr Express pens Bush an admiring letter of appreciation I wish I'd written on the occasion of Bush's last day in office, appropriately Martin Luther King Day.

A few highlights worth recalling,

"Dr. King was a much better speaker than you..... Despite attempts by some who try to rewrite history for their own gain, I want to thank you for your many accomplishments, beginning with everything you have done to secure Dr. King’s vision of a truly colorblind society.

"Nobody has hired as many black Americans to as many prominent positions as you have. You made Colin Powell your Secretary of State. You appointed Dr. Condoleeza Rice to be your next Secretary of State after a stint as your National Security Advisor. You hired Larry Thompson to be your Deputy Attorney General under John Ashcroft. Rod Paige was your Secretary of Education.

"These people were not hired because they were black. They were hired because they deserved the jobs based on merit. You did not make token appointments. You hired good people who happened to be black. That is colorblindness."

Read it all. And thanks Eric. Many have said that Mr. Bush's appointment of Condi Rice as Secretary of State paved the way in the American consciousness for Mr. Obama. I happen to agree.


Several days ago, Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard wrote ten things that Bush got right. It's well worth reading, if you haven't already.

Some of Bush's successes include thwarting global warming hysteria a la refusing Kyoto, the treaty that would have made no economic sense long before the consensus of climate change collapsed as it has now, he enhanced interrogation of terrorists and thwarted innumerable potential attacks, he rebuilt presidential authority badly degraded over several previous administrations, was an unfailing supporter and friend of Israel, and he promoted the forward march of democracy and free markets around the world.

There's more, so read it. I couldn't agree more. Thanks, Fred, for reminding us what the left myth makers want us all to forget. History, no doubt, will treat Bush better in retrospect and with each new terrorist threat to American soil.


Rita Loca said...

I truly feel that history will prove the greatness of George Bush and futures Americans will appreciate what he has done much more then the present generation which he has kept safe for 8 years.

Anonymous said...

The present generation has a great sense of entitlement. History will vindicate Bush, but probably not before we go through some tougher times, Rita.