Monday, January 26, 2009

Square Me

TUESDAY: Just when you think all reason has been lost in DC, a heartening turn of events for the stimulus. But then there's this: Is President Obama the next Neville Chamberlain?

A cadet at West Point writes today at Pajamas Media about meeting former President Bush a month before he left office and how shockingly impressive Bush was in person. Don't miss this piece. In Hollywood, a protagonist can be a child rapist (”The Woodsman”) or serial killer (”Monster”) and not alienate Academy voters. But if he or she drops the n-word or another ugly epithet, well, then we have nothing to learn from them.

Why Grand Torino got snubbed by the Academy: "In Hollywood, a protagonist can be a child rapist (”The Woodsman”) or serial killer (”Monster”) and not alienate Academy voters. But if he or she drops the n-word or another ugly epithet, well, then we have nothing to learn from them." Through new, wild and wonderful Breitbart's Big Hollywood.


CALL ME A SQUARE PEG in a round hole. Call me my grandmother. Call me anything. But an outraged taxpayer is what I call myself. Let's see, my federal tax dollars during a time of unprecedented financial crisis will now go to exporting abortion again to the rest of the world? And pay for birth control funding as a part of the new economic stimulus package? What part of this picture am I missing?

Our founding fathers, the original enumerators---George, John and especially Thomas---are not just twirling in their graves, they've now gyrated out, levitated over the Capitol Dome and are starting to lurk over Mrs. P's Senate office. You know, that post modern who describes herself as the most powerful woman in the world, and the moral authority for those with no internal compass whatsoever. While she's at it dictating and enumerating, she's going to stick it to that irrelevant ole Vatican too.

We as a nation are broke financially, but that's the very least of our bankruptcies and certainly not the most troubling.


Anonymous said...

how about an interview on the radio in Knovxille TN about the English language vote in Nashville.


harry GM
WBCR AM 1470

Unknown said...

My thoughts exactly!

What I took from an interview with Pelosi this weekend, all this talk of using our tax money to furnish contraceptives sickens me. It is important to her because it will cost the states less in the long run. Smacks of population control to me!

Nice invite up there Web!

Anonymous said...

Enraged doesn't even describe how I feel every time I look at the "news", if that's what you call the drivel coming from the MSM. I thought I knew what to expect after election day, but the arrogant disregard for the taxpayers (except for Geithner) who fund this feeding frenzy leaves me completely stunned, and furious. I have learned that my anger usually comes from fear, so I'll get it under control and be fine, but I didn't anticipate it would have to be so hard for this country to learn its lessons. Thank you for your posts. It's refreshing every day to connect with someone who still sounds sane.

Anonymous said...

The dark, cold winter weather matches expectations in Washington about the future impact of the stimulus package and the state of ethics on Wall Street. I don't know what I find more distateful -- paying the big producers of Merrill Lynch four billion in bonuses when the company has suffered fifteen billion in losses and its parent company, Bank of America, is relying on the Federal Treasury for rescue; or appropriating billions for the arts, abortions, & condoms as per the wishes of particular Democratic interest groups. I do not envy Obama; he has inherited a mess.

Webutante said...

Thanks, Harry, for your kind invitation to debate this. Perhaps a raincheck when I get back to Tennessee? Kindest regards.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Barack Obama is Neville Chamberlain. That's why the 69,456,897 of us voted for him. Ask your kids or friends who cast their ballots for him - we're all appeasers.

Here's a helpful list of other people who were interviewed by al-Arabiya: Former Presdident (and appeaser) George Bush, former First Lady (and appeaser) Laura Bush, former head of CENTCOM (and appeaser) John Abizaid, former SECDEF (and appeaser) Donald Rumsfeld.

Here's a choice quote from Former President (and appeaser) George W. Bush's interview on October 5, 2007:
"I want to remind your listeners that one of the first things I did after September the 11th is I went to the local mosque. And I did because I wanted to send a message that those who came to kill Americans were young terrorists, and they do not reflect the views of the vast majority of peaceful people in the Middle East; and that our -- precisely the message I was trying to send, the war is not a struggle against Muslims, the Muslim religion, it is a struggle of honorable, peaceful people throughout the world against the few who want to impose their vision."

If George Bush is interviewed by the same network, and says the same things about wanting to unite with the peaceful followers of Islam (and yes, there are millions and millions of them), does that make him an appeaser, too?

p.s. I'm going to go ahead and guess NO, it only makes Obama an appeaser.

p.p.s. Who said this?

"Well, first of all, I believe in an almighty God, and I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God. That's what I believe. I believe that Islam is a great religion that preaches peace."

Webutante said...

I stand by what I've said above. I hope I'm wrong; only time will tell. Obama's quote above and everything I read and see tells me he is void of a moral compass and wants to be all things to all people---something that President Bush never did---and as a result will be a far cry from that.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh..ok. Actually that last quote on my posting with the direct quote: "I believe that Islam is a great religion that preaches peace," was said by President (and appeaser) George W. Bush in his interview with al-Arabiya on October 5, 2007.

Read it for yourself:

Does he still have his moral compass, or is it null and void now?

Webutante said...

President Bush has a grand moral compass. No one on any side---through his actions as well as his words---ever doubted where he stood on issues. And he was always willing to take the heat, often unfairly, for his stands. He was willing to be unpopular when he steadfastly stuck to his guns. True leadership, in my book.

We'll see where our new president takes it.

Anonymous said...

Uh expected. When you thought the quote was from Barack Obama, he was void of a moral compass.

But upon finding out it was George Bush who actually said it, it's proof of his "true leadership" and "grand moral compass."

Thanks for the best laugh I've had so far today!

Webutante said...

You're most welcome. Moral authority comes from taking heat and your man hasn't had to take any----yet. My guy has and did. And I respect him for it.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Using one quote to solidify a moral compass is absurd, but when you're forced to defend the new rookie break-nearly-every-campaign-promise president, what else you gonna do?

(Webutante, thanks for the link, BTW)