Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen First U.S. Senate Debate---It's Marsha By A Country Mile!


FAST FORWARD TO 24 MINUTE MARK FOR START OF DEBATE. Will comment more later, however the short version is, I think Marsha hit a home run with all the bases loaded. Phil on the other hand, walked to first base.

She was bright, high-energy, well-informed,  articulate, au courant while getting some well placed He's Chuck Shummer's number one recruit jabs in.

Phil seemed low-energy, over-the-hill and living on past  but decent glory. On the opening question What do you think is the most pressing issue to Tennesseans today? Marsha nailed it by answering the economy and jobs. Phil's No Cigar answer: the dysfunction in Washington.

On the subject of whether the candidates support the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Marsha was not afraid to define herself and say she would vote to move his confirmation forward Friday.

Tonight Marsha gave an outstanding showing bringing every issue back to its relevance to Tennesseeans, even to the military and families at Ft. Campbell,  and our immigrant Kurdish population just to name a few. Marsha turned the tables on the nay sayers. There's no doubt she can win this senate seat in November....maybe even by a country mile.

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