Monday, September 17, 2018

Meeting Bill Lee, Front Runner For Tennessee Governor, With Wife Maria and Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe, TN Sheriff of the Year

WHAT A LOVELY RECEPTION TONIGHT FOR BILL AND MARIA LEE in Dickson. Low-key and relaxed, it was good hearing Bill talk about his and Maria's journey over the past several years towards running for governor. It began with prayer, then went on to become several state-wide tours of all 95 counties----in RVs, tractors, pick-up trucks, cars. In the beginning, sometimes no one showed up to meet and greet them in parking lots. Gradually that began to change. Now  bigger and bigger crowds are cheering them on to victory November 6.

Lee's poll numbers show him far ahead of liberal Karl Dean, former mayor of Nashville. I'm convinced if he wins,  he will take this very red state and make it great in new ways--- paved by past good governors, like Bill Haslam and Winfield Dunn. Lee will be a man for the working man and initiate job training and other education initiatives in various trades---as he's done as CEO of the Lee Company---all over the state, especially in depressed counties.

It was also good meeting popular Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe, elected Sheriff-of-the Year by his peers across the state. No county's top law enforcement officer has had more tragedy and deep challenge in the past 12 months than this fine man and his deputies. May God bless them all and watch over them.

And may God bless the Lees.

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