Saturday, September 1, 2018

McCain Lost Me At Goodbye

NOT TO DENY THAT THE LATE JOHN MCCAIN was a war hero.  He endured valiently a great deal of pain and suffering with integrity in his day while lots of men were dodging the draft.

But heroism then is not a lifetime pass for always being admired.  The McCain funeral today---which I did not see cause I was visiting friends briefly in Banner Elk, NC from the SoHo---left me cold.  From reports it seemed mean-spirited,  jealous and hateful towards Trump,  among others.

Such a long, drawn out funeral event seemed like over-kill and  gross political theater that seemed to leave out God.  But why should that be surprising?  For so many citizens and politicians,  government is god in our post-Christian era.  The left needs government heros as never before. So how could it miss an opportunity to turn a funeral into a political orgy and hit job. Does anyone doubt that Meghan McCain today gave her political acceptance speech for running for whatever office and stepping into her father's shoes?

It was a captive audience. 

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