Thursday, August 2, 2018

What Keeps America Great

I ALWAYS GET GOOSE BUMPS WHEN I STAND IN LINE TO VOTE.  Same as when I return to the US from a foreign country and go through customs. There's a magical excitment and gratitude I get during these moments.

Today, the crowd at my voting place in Burns was 'light but steady.'  Poll workers said they expect heavier crowds between 3-7pm.

Voting is a privilege all citizens should feel gratitude for and never take for granted.

We must protect this right of our citizenship and never let anyone who is not a citizen with a valid ID vote, until and unless they are.

We must guard the Rule of Law and  the glorious Constitution with our lives, if need be.  From what I've seen of the radical, immature left over the past few years,  we may have to fight to protect our republic. 

God bless America.

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