Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Al Gore Opines On Trump's Environmental Impact


AL GORE WASTED NO TIME LAST WEEKEND SPEAKING IN GREENSBORO, N.C. on behalf of the Poor People's Campaign (environmental devastation on poor people) and his new website The Climate Reality Project to pronounce President Trump's impact on the environment not quite as bad as it could be.  He added that the courts and Congress are keeping Trump somewhat restrained so anything our president does won't take effect immediately.

He opined:
Liberal environmentalists predicted the Trump administration would be a combination of malevolence and incompetence, but so far Trump hasn't had quite as bad an impact as once feared.   Still  a new president in 2020 could wave his wand and keep the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord from becoming official, since Trump's  withdrawal decree will only completely take effect after the next presidential election. 
Well, well, well, not quite as malevolent and incompetent as predicted....so far.  Coming from Al, that might---might--- be construed as somewhat of a back-handed compliment.  Is he going soft on us?  Or just tired of years and decades of being Chicken Little?  Who knows, but you got to give him a little credit for continuing to fight the good fight he believes in.

So what are the most pressing environmental issues facing us today that conservatives and President Trump might  get behind to ameliorate?    I certainly think there are some and have a few thoughts.

Will be back soon with my opinions on that question.

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