Monday, February 27, 2017

Tamny: Every Commercial Advance Was and Is A Labor-Saving Robot From Tractors to Cars-----More Robots Mean More, Better Jobs No Matter What Bill Gates Says


EVERY COMMERCIAL ADVANCE was and is a labor-saving robot; from the tractor to the automobile to the airplane to the computer.  Economic advance is all about shrinking human input, and that's paradoxically why robots will be the greatest job creators ever.  Not only will they erase the lousy, entry-level work, but the efficiency they embody signals more and more work that matches our individual talents.

 Implicit in the ridiculous worry (Bill Gates the latest) that robots will render us unemployed is a rejection of Say's Law.  In truth, the continued rise of robots is the surest sign of abundant jobs ahead; jobs that we'll be increasingly passionate about.  There would be no need to automate if humans didn't have the means to purchase all the production that will spring from the automation.

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