Friday, November 14, 2008

Nashville Republican Ladies Hear Bob Krumm Give Update on Iraq

It was fun and instructive for me to catch up again Wednesday with fellow conservative blogger Bob Krumm of Nashville while he and I attended a ladies Republican luncheon where he was the keynote speaker. Bob, a Major in the US Army Reserve, is just back from a six-month tour at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq. He was at the meeting to dispel any lingering myths perpetuated by the MSM--either through omission or commission-- that Iraq is still a country mired down by civil war, incompetent, dysfunctional government and terrorist insurgencies.

On the contrary, Bob gave a much more sanguine report on the progress the US military has made in Iraq and countered tired, old myths with new truths from the Middle East. The good news is we're winning and the Iraqi government and people are taking more responsibility for themselves through establishing civil order, while exercising political power through free elections in various provinces. All Iraq's neighboring countries have established embassies in its country. A full summary of his talking points were written last month for Pajamas Media and can be read here. Michael Yon in Baghdad agrees with Krumm going even further today.

After his talk and a lively Q&A, I sat with him over lunch and discussed a number of issues. Men like Bob Krumm who are smart, articulate communicators both in person and on the Internet, steeped in conservative principles including a strong military and fiscal responsibility, and who willing to step up to the political plate are the great hope of the Republican party.

He has political aspirations and I think he's considering a run for Governor of Tennessee in the next few years. He tells me he's more interested in that than being a senator or congressman. That's good news for Tennessee and its reputation for being a Red State that's getting redder all the time.

Seeing Bob Krumm on Wednesday gave me hope and inspiration that all is not lost in an otherwise dark time for conservatives. You can read his latest post-election post on his blog, or by clicking his name on my sidebar. Thank you, Bob, for your service to our country. It was great for all of us to see you Wednesday.
Women like the ones above are the main reason Tennessee is seeing red. They're the movers and shakers--the grass roots---of the conservative movement here. Congratulations, ladies. You helped win both houses of the state legislature and make McCain win by a landslide. You're the backbone of this red state and we best never forget it.


Red Dakini said...

You Tennessee ladies are an inspiring group!

William said...

Do they allow black people at those luncheons?

William said...

Yes, and BTW... Bob Krumm predicted McCain woukld win.

Rita Loca said...

I read the post above and wondered who on earth would ask such a thing...should've known!

Webutante said...

yep...good get, Rita.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great meeting. Thanks for pointing out a guy who's actually been watching the activity in Iraq from Iraq.

The mainstream media has ensured that any positive coverage of the situation will be postponed until the presidential transition is past! And then they will hail the liberal illuminati D.C. leadership as the bearers of peace to the region!

Paul Gordon said...

"Thanks for pointing out a guy who's actually been watching the activity in Iraq from Iraq."

With some people, that will count for nothing.

I remember a long time ago (enough to show my age), when former Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver returned form Algeria, with quite a different take on things from what he had advocated before fleeing to there.

He would get into arguments with radicals here, pointing out, "I've been there, I've seen it. You don't know what the hell you're talking about!", only to be treated as a sellout and a traitor for questioning what was almost a revealed religion to them.

This is probably the case here.