Tuesday, March 22, 2022

How We Can Prayerfully Help the Dire Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis

 Ukraine Refugees 2022: Poland Rolls Out $1.7 Billion of Aid - Bloomberg



AS MILLIONS of Ukrainians flee their war-torn country, relief agencies and Christians from all over the world are responding to Europe’s worst refugee crisis since World War II. They’re also helping Ukrainians displaced in their own country or facing dire need in their hometowns. 

Why is it that war most tragically  harms women, children and the vulnerable  more than any others?  That's the great tragedy of this and so many wars. Among numerous groups offering assistance in Eastern Europe, here are a few to consider supporting and the ones I most highly recommend:

  • Mission to the World: The mission agency of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has a Lviv-based team staying in Ukraine to assist refugees fleeing to the western part of the country, and they’re also working with communities across the border.
  • Samaritan’s Purse: The U.S.-based Christian aid agency is operating an emergency field hospital on the outskirts of Lviv in Western Ukraine. The group is also running a mobile medical unit at a refugee site in neighboring Moldova.
  • TGC’s Ukraine project: Recognizing that war-weary citizens also need gospel-centered resources for their hearts and minds, TGC is working to build a website dedicated to relevant articles, essays, commentaries, and multimedia content translated into Ukrainian and Russian. TGC also plans to produce original content in Ukrainian and Russian aimed at the needs of church leaders and those they serve.

Please pray, pray, pray for God’s mercy in Eastern Europe and for an end to this terrible war in Ukraine.Pray for peace. Pray the Lord will draw near to all those who are suffering, scared and hopeless, and that many will find help for their immediate needs and cling to the gospel hope that Christ reigns and that he hears the cries of  of the suffering..Refugee aid campaigns mushroom in Poland, but tests lie ahead | Russia- Ukraine war News | Al Jazeera

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