Friday, July 27, 2018

The Disgraceful Roseanne Barr Interview On Hannity

I'VE NEVER BEEN A BIG  FAN OF ROSEANNE BARR either in the distant past or in her most recent 15 minutes of fame and comeback.  On the other hand,  I've never been a detractor.  Would describe myself as a Roseanne agnostic.

Until last  night.  On Hannity.  For an entire, painful, long drawn-out hour.  The thing went on about 55 minutes too long. And I question that  she should have been interviewed there at all.  Because in my view,  she sadly dug herself deeper into a professional grave from which she will never get out of.

Whatever was she thinking, if in fact she was thinking at all?  She wasn't having any part of redeeming herself.   I don't think she had to grovel or over-explain herself by any stretch.  She could have merely said something like, "You know,  I can be insensitive at times and I see I crossed the line in that tweet. To Valerie Jarrett and anyone else I offended,  I'm sincerely sorry. I did not mean to hurt you in my quest to be quirky and funny."  The end.   That's all that needed to be said. Then let the chips fall where they may.

I suppose this Hannity interview on Fox was designed to give Roseanne airtime to restore her reputation but it certainly didn't workout that way.

The interview left me incredulous and almost speechless. I'm no fan of Valerie Jarrett or Obama to say the least,  but  Roseanne sounded like a drug addled, confused, self-absorbed, self-justifying lunatic.  A needy child rather than an adult. She also did not come across as sympathetic at all even though she has clearly suffered in her life.

I believe and defend the First Amendment  and I hate political correctness. However, good taste, maturity and judgment never go out of style.  We live in an age of far too much information and information sharing.

Last night,  Roseanne Barr proved that 20 years of therapy and 'hard work'  doesn't necessarily mean a damn thing and that the First Amendment gives us all just enough rope to hang ourselves on. Pronouncing that Jarrett needed a new hairstyle was perhaps the last inappropriate nail in her career coffin. I hate saying this,  but may Roseanne Barr, the entertainer and comedian, rest in peace.

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