Sunday, July 29, 2018


TODAY IN CHURCH BACK IN NASHVILLE,  I LEARNED OF THE SUDDEN DEATH of a member of our congregation. She was someone I admired greatly. It was a car accident in June which I had heard nothing about.  It happened while I was in Wyoming. The late woman's husband of over 50+ years came in to the service today and sat next to me.  I casually asked how he was? Then he told me of their fatal accident four weeks ago.  She was killed instantly. He was driving and had made a  wrong turn.

His unexpected news hit me like a ton of bricks. I was speechless and started tearing up. What can you say to someone who just lost the love and helpmate of their life? They were a great couple.  I fumbled around for a paper napkin in my purse to wipe my eyes. The only thing I could say was how very sorry I was for his loss. There were no other words that came close to being adequate in that moment.

In fact, this news reminds me again how quickly any of our lives can turn on a dime.  Without warning  one's entire life can be over or over as we once know it.  I understand now from others that she died so instantly that she didn't suffer or know what hit her.  Her widowed husband will be loved and supported by a caring church community as he goes one day at a time without her.

I am feeling sad this afternoon. 

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