Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back Into the Fray----Sorta


I ADMIT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR IS NOT MY STRONG SUIT.  Normally high-energy,  I find myself becoming quiet and more self-contained in spite of the activity all around me.  I did go to a fabulous Christmas party last  night and had a good time.  Still this happens like clockwork every year. After a lovely, mostly quiet weekend at Sewanee,  I came home with less to say or read or opine about.  It's a  welcome dullness  which I don't want to do anything about.

On my way to do some errands and exercise in the fabulous  morning sun.  Will do a couple of links I find interesting today:

Multivaitamins have no health benefits. In fact, over the years when I tried to take supplements, I felt worse instead of better, so my own experience tells me this study is probably true. We get nutrients from real foods, unencumbered with chemicals, flavor enhancers, preservatives, sugars, gluten and MSGs. Period.

Stuart Schneiderman @ Had Enough Therapy? has a piece this morning about how many high-profile stars are now eschewing botox---Saving Their Faces From Botox. I've never had botox and never will. I mediated a botox case in Teton County Court, Wyoming several years ago and if it ever even crossed my mind, all thought of it vanished forever when I took this vitriolic, bitter case.  It's just another addiction with lots of unintended consequences.  Thank God the negative effects are temporary.

Camille Paglia was featured on Drudge yesterday with her pronouncement that---in spite of it all---It's  A Man's World, and Always Will Be. Can't tell you how much I agree with her piece. Second and third wave feminism, like second, third wave environmentalism, brings a more strident, nazi-like attitude into public discourse. These people, while decrying real men and attempting to elevate women to superhuman status ironically digress into magical thinking that demands the American taxpayer pay for all birth control, abortion and whatever else they say goes along with their reproductive rights. They continue to beat the drum for rights, rights without any responsibilities. It's a regressed, entitled attitude that makes these women---like Sandra Flukes of the world---look immature and just plain crazy.  How insane is that?

Finally,  Wesley Pruden @ Washington Times----The Global Warming Scam That Won't Die. Nobody says it better than he does.

Will be back to add some more links if I see some.

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