Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prince George Christened At St. James Palace On St. James Day

FOR INQUIRING MINDS who've been wondering all day why Prince George, chubby, contented little  heir to the British throne, was christened today of all days, a Wednesday, at St. James Palace (  St. James the Less, one of the 12 apostles of Christ.

 Think I  might have  At least in the Episcopal Church in America, today is the feast day of St. James, one of the 12  Apostles. Or is it the feast day of James the half-brother of Jesus?  There are so many James in the Gospels and book of Acts that  I may be wrong  on this one.  However, I was at an Anglican/Episcopal service this mornig and it was noted that this was the feast day of St.  James.  I think it's St. James who is one of the original apostles.  Not to be confused  with St. James, the brother of John.

Are you confused yet?  I am, a little.

Anyway,  I would think that since the royals were having their little heir christened at the Palace of St. James, doing it on an Anglican feast day honoring one of the St. James---if not all of them---might be why they did it today.  However,  I can find no verification of this in surveying the news.

But makes sense to me...sort of.

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