Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting Mad At the Gym, Obamacare 'Substandard' Insurance Edition



But really, I have an excuse or two:  I got other stuff to do. I don't have time to sit down to read and write anymore.  The government nanny state's got my tongue. I'm in an altered state of big government/culture-shock consciousness.

Sometimes a girls gotta take a chill and try to forget everything but roasting brussel sprouts and making pumpkin pie, now that it's cool enough to turn on the oven. Why should I think or write or read anymore when the federal government wants to do it all for me anyway?

So after a good nights sleep, this rainy Thursday morning, I was minding my own business on some exercise machine at my little anytime Snap Fitness gym, when a clip of our president came on Fox News in front of my very eyes. Mr. Obama was expounding on health insurance and it went something like this:

Hey all you stupid voter vassels out there! It's OK if you really, really, really want to keep your sub-standard health insurance policy. But we in the elite/know-what's-best-for-you  federal government offer you a much better comprehensive coverage and think you ought to take it.

The  more this president talked, the faster and longer I walked,  truly offended to hear yet again that he and the liberal Congress know what's best for me.

How dare he tell me I ought to buy something I have no intention of buying just because he says so!  How dare he?  How dare them?  How dare we as citizens let it come to this?

I mean, how much more of this federal over-reach of our minds, our hearts, our pocketbooks, preferences and most of all our freedoms are we Americans going to stand for?  I happen to like my high-deductible, uncomprehensive  policy and don't want his ridiculous comprehensive coverage at any cost. It isn't insurance anyway, but total, mindless blind coverage for a population apparently hellbent on letting the feds---read that the few remaining tax paying citizens---cover everything  no matter how trivial. That's not insurance.   It's creating health care addiction ando ongoing culture of dependency.

As bad as President Obama is, and he's  the worst president in my lifetime, we, the American people, are worse for letting this happen. We're like frogs being boiled in oil, as the temperature slowly rises, imperceptibly so we don't know what's happening.

When in the name of heaven are we going to say ENOUGH!  If we don't soon, we'llrea ch the point of no return; our country will go the way of even more progressive destruction and degradation with no turning back.

Meanwhile,  I go to the gym and exercise it off as best I can wondering how we can rise up and upgrade from this substandard president.  And  Congress.

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