Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chuck Colson, A Man Redeemed Then Used Mightily By God


BEEN A RELAXING COUPLE OF DAYS away from the computer and around friends in the great outdoors. There's rarely any contest between priorities when outdoors opportunity comes along. I did see that Chuck Colson has died. He was a man fortunate to come to realize that he was a sinner in need of a Savior. And, by the enablement of the Holy Spirit, came to Jesus Christ, walked with him from then on.

Colson's new life with its global prison ministry is a testimony to the transforming power of Christ indwelling that has a saving ripple effect in many other lives as well.

I also read this weekend a powerful new biography by R. A. Dickey----starting knuckleball pitcher for the New York Mets---a local Tennessee boy who's finally grown up and made good in the major leagues. His, like Colson's, is another riveting story of redemption that you won't be able to put down. Will write more on this later.

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