Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knowing When To Leave: Bearnice King Leaves 'Prosperity Gospel' Eddie Long's Church In Atlanta

ANN COULTER: ANTHONY WEINER'S WEINER ROASTSAYING IT HAS NOTHING TO DO with 'Bishop' Eddie Long's legal machinations involving four young men who've accused him of coercing them into underage sex with him, Rev. Bearnice King--MLK's daughter---has announced she's leaving Long's church in Atlanta where she attended and occasionally preached. Her announcement has come shortly after the news that Long has settled out of court with his four accusers.

(No news as to what that settlement entailed; however, it's rumored the four young men each have new houses, new wardrobes, new cars, new flat-screened TVs and cell phones and 401Ks funded for life from Long's prosperity fund.)

Whew! just in the nick of time, I'd say. She's wise to leave and never look back. Surely there's a more appropriate mission for her in the future than there.

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