Monday, January 4, 2010

Scott Brown Running in Massachusetts For Teddy's Senate Seat: A Race We Should All Care About Winning

POLLING: Brown down by 11 pts.
ANNOUNCING RATHER THAN DENOUNCING: Please consider getting behind this candidate. If Brown wins, I can imagine Kennedy rolling over and over in his grave.

ON JANUARY 19, THERE'S A SPECIAL ELECTION in Massachusetts to fill the senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy. Scott Brown is the GOP candidate running against Democrat Martha Coakley who has ties to the infamous SEIU. Michelle Malkin has been writing about the liberal thuggery going on to elect Coakley at all costs in the last few weeks.

Brown is an arch- fiscal conservative. I think it's a very important race and one that can be won by conservatives if we give him a hand, by reaching over state lines and supporting his candidacy. I'm mailing him a donation tomorrow.

Here's a link to Brown's stands on important issues. He's evidently pro-life, anti-Reidcare, anti-Cap and Trade for starters. Can't beat that.

Campaign site here. Internet donations here.

A link to Brown in Wikipedia.

Finally, if you want to mail a donation to his campaign, you'll need this information:

200 Reservoir Street,
Needham, MA 02494

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Carol - Roswell, GA said...

Thank you; just came across your site and am impressed. Will view on a regular basis. I hope there is one thing that Mr. Brown will bring out this final day of campaigning:

I would like him to mention that Mr. Obama says he wants to tax (fee) banks that already paid back the TARP money, but he doesn’t address it as such – he doesn’t really emphasize that the banks (most of them) paid back the money with interest and will this money go back to pay down our deficit?

BUT, how come, AIG and Goldman-Sachs and of all agencies, Fannie and Freddie be exempt from these taxes and probably be exempt from capped salaries and bonus. Double standard and double talk all the way; I am frightened. I believe this is what he should say when his opponents claim that he is for big banks; he should mention the double standard that Obama has and the protection Obama gives to the institutions that contributed to his campaign, shall we mention the Unions.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Carol Chizzolin
Roswell, GA

Thank you for allowing me to vent; please keep up the well written articles.

Carol Chizzolin
Roswell, GA