Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Look, Rachel, Less Great, Angie

DON'T KNOW where Rachel came from or where she's going. But now, here at Cannes, I do know I like the way she looks from head-to-toe. Thank heavens she doesn't have some ghastly, cloggy, strappy shoes that distract from the rest of her. Beautiful hair! Earrings perf! There's nothing too cute, sweet or frilly or laborious or overly revealing ( I always think a woman who reveals too much has desperation issues which translate into the need to be seen by everyone and drooled over).... just soft, fab and oh-so-the-way every woman wants to look when she's out, in the limelight and loving it! We should all be so lovely.

Eat your heart out, Madonna. Womanhood, thy name, tonight, is Rachel Weisz. And she walks and looks like a lady too.

Meanwhile, here's a dress below that does nothing for me on a granted beautiful woman who does even less for me. She's supposed to've looked fab in this, but I find it less than compelling. Washed out, thy name is Angelina. And for some reason, her legs don't look very sturdy to me either.
Finally, here below is a pic of Tilda. I gotta to be honest, she's a woman that try, try, try, try as I may I just, just, just, just don't get. To summarize, I just don't get Tilda. I know she's quite the rage in trendy, progressive anything goes menage-a-trois circles, but in every way, including her looks and lifestyle, especially her looks and lifestyle, I find her about as unattractive as any woman ever gets.

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