Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spain's King Juan Carlos and the Royal Shut Up! Heard Round the World


Sir? May I approach the throne?

I wish to convey my sincere appreciation, Your Highness, for showing such moxie the other day with that boorish, abusive lout Hugo Chavez. Who in the world does he think he is insulting everyone within shouting distance? Castro? Stalin? Hitler? Satan, perhaps?

You said what thousands, maybe even millions of us, would have liked to have said to Chavez's face, had we the the chance. What we'd said if we'd been at that conference in Santiago with you and Hugo, even as Chavez's poor subjects were rioting back in Venezuela over many of his dictatorial, egomanical policies.

Isn't it amazing how Hugo enters a country mouth first, spewing insults everywhere he goes? How can you stand being in the same city let alone conference with him?

But I digress.

"SHUT UP!" you shouted to Chavez after he wore you and the other attendees out with his non-stop harangue. "Why don't you just shut up.?"

Brilliant, Sir.

And long overdue. Think about it, Hugo flew to Chile and provoked his host country, by demanding Chile give his good buddies in Bolivia sea access which they don't have and hopefully never will. Then he hurled insults at Chilean President Michelle Bachelet by describing her friendly relations with the U.S. as "sleeping with the devil."

And if that wasn't enough he then insulted your Spainish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, calling him a "fascist.....And fascists are not human...a snake is more human!" Can you imagine Hugo of all people saying that to anyone? Then he rambled on for 25 minutes rather than the alloted 5 minutes at your conference.

I don't know which is worse, being a despotic dictator, or an outlandish boor. Either way, Chavez is both and deserved your royal exasperation and shout down in spades. Thank you again, Sir. You've just elevated your status with the rest of the free world. Being a role model and all, now perhaps other free leaders will follow suit.

Still for now, it's nice to know not everyone rolls over and takes Chavez's global boring hot air.......now could you just have a word or two with Al Gore?


NotClauswitz said...

Bravo Juan Carlos!! I'd have added an additional *word* to his rhetorical question-statement, but as is expected of a Monarch, Juan Carlos is more refined than me.

Anonymous said...

Well, it only leaves us the freedom to fill in the blank with that extra word....

Rita Loca said...

It was so wonderful to hear! My friends in Venezuela wish they could say the same to Hugo...but, he owns all media now.

Unknown said...

I loved seeing this on the news. Your humorous account is wonderful and had me smiling during the entire read! I asked my husband the other night, after seeing the King tell Chavez to "Callyate", just why other leaders haven't had the backbone to do that before.It is what the blow hard needs! Of course, due to other leaders refraining from putting him in his place, he now thinks all his blabbering is accepted.

On a happier note-I am so happy I was able to leave you a comment tonight! I've tried for the past several evening to leave you comments and either Blogger was spazzing or my computer was! I was able to leave comments elsewhere though! Weird huh?

Webutante said...

Well, it's great to hear your voice, Pam and Rita, and know that blogger let you both through!

Anonymous said...

Actually, he was calling the previous PM, Jose Maria Aznar, a fascist. Granted, Aznar was terrible, but it's that doesn't mean he was a fascist. What's more, Zapatero was defending him as a democratically elected official and a representative of the sentiments of the Spanish people, even though relations between the two men are notoriously frosty. Of course, Chavez, boor that he is, didn't care and kept on being rude, which is when the King put the smack down. About time, too. I'm going to get a "Por que no te callas" shirt with Juan Carlos' picture on it.