Monday, June 22, 2009

The World Must Know



The Stoning of Saroya M is a true story of the cold blooded murder of a woman falsely accused of adultery by her husband in an Iranian village in 1986. It's a movie we all should see and its poignancy won't be lost on all of us who've watched unprecedented protests unfold in the streets of Iran over the last few weeks. I've always wondered where all the so-called liberal, elite East coast feminists are when stories like this surface. They never seem to be very bothered by the oppression and slavery of Muslim woman who are treated more like livestock and chattel than human beings.

Andrew Klaven writes in the WSJ on the Tragedy of Multiculturalism in Iran. The take-home message is this: No matter what anyone says, all ideologies---and religions---are not the same. They are not all equally good and morally equivalent. And anyone who really thinks this should leave this country now and go try living in one of these morally bankrupt political systems.

Chuck Devore reviews the movie for Big Hollywood. I don't want to miss this one though I'm sure it will be heavy.


vienna va said...

Ahhh tv broadcasts reruns, and apparently, so does the Webutante. By my count, this is the third time you've trotted out the tired canard that feminists "never seem to be very bothered by the oppression and slavery of Muslim woman who are treated more like livestock and chattel than human beings."

Let's take a trip down memory lane - AGAIN - to disprove your theory that the "so-called liberal, east coast feminists" are no where to be found when Muslim women are being treated like chattel.

Mavis Leno, wife of Jay Leno, and chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation's Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, was one of the most outspoken - and earliest - women warning the west about the dangers of the Taliban and their horrid treatment of women.

The National Organization of Women (NOW) supported H Res. 32, introduced in 2007 by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) denouncing (among other things) FGM, honor killings, acid burning, and sexual slavery.

The Eagle Forum's stand on that resolution? None. Concerned Women for America? MIA.

NOW is also out in front in supporting Child Marriage Bills (HR 2103 and S. 1998), which would work to reduce child marriages, in some cases of girls as young as 7. The House bill has 67 co-sponsors, 3 of whom are Republicans. The Dem sponsors include feminists Sheila Jackson-Lee, Eleanor Norton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ellen Tauscher, Zoe Lofgren, Nydia Velazquez, Carolyn Maloney, Barbara Lee, Jan Schakowsky, Carol Shea-Porter and Lois Capps.

Your concern for Muslim women is touching, but if you think that feminists do not share your concerns, you are sadly mistaken. Again.

Webutante said...

Well I don't ever mind standing corrected. However, the truth is few feminists tackle this issue of Islamic oppression of women with the fervancy of, say, their passionate attack of a real friend of freedom, energy independence and personal responsibilty, like Sarah Palin.

It's clear where their ferver really lies....much, much more energy is used by modern day feminists to put down their political opponents who threaten their radical agendas than to fight for the real rights of oppressed women in other parts of the word who have no voice. Feminists battles have become narrowly focused and small in my opinion.

Webutante said...

Ellen, again, this post is about the oppression of Muslim women and not, NOT, about female mutilation, etc. Stay on topic.

I wonder if Michelle Obama has spoken out against the Muslim oppression of women in countries like Iran. If so, it's not getting through to me..

Here's what Sarah Palin twittered several days ago:

"Women worldwide watching Iran protests led by women demanding fair election & equality; their voices loud, strong; they will usher in change..."

Vienna VA said...

I'm not Ellen.

You posted a comment about feminists going after Sarah Palin. I provided a link to show that NOW has been one of her biggest supporters in the fight against David Letterman's truly vile comments about her daughter getting knocked up at Yankees stadium.

FGM is a small part of the bigger picture of how Muslim women are treated. I saw it when we lived in Cairo. Not a day went by that I wasn't 100% grateful to be an American women, respected as a valued member of society, and given the opportunity to receive and education.

I don't recall ever hearing a peep out of you or anyone else on the right when it became obvious that our invasion of Iraq led that country from a secular Muslim dictatorship to a hard-core Islamic fundamentalist Shia theocracy which imposed harsh interpretations of Sharia law. The effects on Iraqi women and girls has been devestating.

If you don't want to publish my comments, fine, but don't claim my comments aren't on topic just because you don't like them.