Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where's Atomic Ahmad? In Case You're Wondering....He's Not in Iran

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WHERE would a despicable dictator like Atomic Ahmad be hiding out while millions of voters in his country start a revolution in protest of his fraudulent re-election last week? They're mad as hell and they're not going gently into the night. Surely, you don't think he's waiting around twiddling his thumbs in Tehran, do you?

Here are some possible answers, in case you don't know:
a) Damascus, Syria
b) Los Angeles, California
c) Jerusalem, Israel
d) Moscow, Russia
e) Istanbul, Turkey
f) On a Love Boat cruise around the Baltics

Answer later with links....and rest assured, he's not in Iran or anywhere close. Even though he may act self-assured, he's running scared right now. As well he should be. Wouldln't it be amazing if he never was able to return to his country?!

Joel Rosenberg has the correct ANSWER , d) Moscow, Russia.


vienna va said...

I'm sorry, Los Angeles? Why would Ahmed be in California, and LA of all places? I mean if he's going to be in sunny California, he'd obviously be with the other America haters in San Fransisco.

Jerusalem??? Highly unlikely, even among the 35% of Muslims - they're Sunni and he's a Shi'a. He's more likely to be in either Iraq (they greeted him with flowers and candies last time he visited) or Afghanistan.

Webutante said...

No cigar.....stay tuned, only The Shadow knows....