Monday, June 1, 2009

Anyone Who Gloats Over Abortion Dr. George Tiller's Murder Is..... better than the man or the abominable cause (late-term abortion) he represented. Murder is still murder. By the same token anyone who martyrs him is equally sad and misguided.


Let me make myself clear: I loath abortion. Yet for years in my twenties and thirties, back in my rebellious wild days, I was pro a woman's right to choose anytime, any place and any way. Then God took me under His loving wings and slowly brought me back to my senses.

Today I am against abortion. Abortion is wrong, IMO, and been used and so over-used (it's now used as a ridiculous form of birth control after the fact!). With a little more maturity, I believe a woman does indeed have the right to choose on the front end, by waiting and just saying no.

Most women who say they want the right to choose are really demanding the right to rechoose---after the fact. They want the right not to choose and then if it doesn't work out, they want, demand, to choose again. In essence it's called, having one's cake and eating it too. In the real world, it's called refusing to grow up. Demanding to live with no consequences.

Nevertheless, abortion is now the sad and unfortunate law of this land. For better or worse. And I deplore it. Still it is the law of the land.

So the news of Dr. Tiller's murder in Kansas brings me to this conclusion: It is wrong, wrong, wrong to murder anyone, at any age and take justice in our own hands. Justice and vengeance is for God alone . Meanwhile, while I deeply, deeply disagree with Dr. Tiller's position on abortion and especially late term abortion---his death is murder in my book---I do not rejoice in his murder, and the breakdown of the rule of law.

And as to why a man like Tiller could possibly be in church and still do late-term abortions, it is none of my or our business. My God works in mysterious ways that I may never understand this side of heaven. Murder is still murder whether it's abortion---early or late-term--or murder of a middle-aged man in church in the mid-West.

May God help, and have mercy on us all. We live in a humanistic cult of death.


Debra J.M. Smith said...

Obama said, "However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence." --If Obama only cared that much about the countless babies who died at the hands of that abortionist...

A family member said, "Today we mourn the loss of our husband, father and grandfather. Today's event is an unspeakable tragedy for all of us and for George's friends and patients. This is particularly heart wrenching because George was shot down in his house of worship, a place of peace." Wow, how about the wombs that all of those babies were in? The womb is supposed to be a safe place of peace for a baby. But that monster would intrude and kill each one of them, with no remorse.

And I do not feel sorry for a family who loved a murderer. And I sure do NOT feel sorry for a church that had no problem allowing a murderer to attend.

Debra J.M. Smith

Webutante said...

What you say has the deep sting of hatefulness for the sinner rather than hate for the sin.

Jungle Mom said...

I hate to see this as it is always turned against the pro life movement.

I do understand the frustration many feel, but we must conduct ourselves in a way which will gain respect for the cause.
I morally feel the Doctor was himself a murderer and should be judged. But not by an individual at his own discretion. It is too dangerous to feel one can take the law into his own hands.
But the very fact that such a man can be an active member of a church is appalling. That is where the work must begin. In our churches, in our homes, we must gain back the moral ground we have surrendered.
Our churches are a mess as seen by the fact that so many Christian voted for Obama knowing his stand on abortion and the fact that he would be nominating new justices.

Webutante said...

Rita, this is a great post-- thank you for taking the time to write this.

Several things: many of our so called "Christian" churches preach and teach liberal, anything goes-morality and anything goes God. It is not Spirit filled nor does it really represent the Gospel. Only praying for massive revivals might effect change here. We can also pray for massive revival in the American home and family.

The fact that late-term abortion is condoned by our president is truly shameful and this country will suffer for it--- not to mention other "cultural" choices we are heading towards.

There are no easy easy answers. But we must educate and try to change the law---unless we are to
have a complate breakdown of the rule of law and revolution or anarchy in this country. I'm beginning to think it might happen.

fraydna52 said...

I visit families with babies in NICU's to offer a listening ear, support and encouragement. A few of these babies are born at 23 weeks gestation. Not all of them survive long term, but many do. To see the heroic measures that the medical profession undertakes to ensure their survival juxtaposed with late-term or partial birth abortion is the ultimate irony.

That said, I totally agree that what was done to Tiller is wrong in God's eyes. Those of us who are Christians need to be in constant prayer, trusting God in His infinite wisdom to bring His perfect justice, mercy, and grace into the evils of this world.

Webutante said...

Thank you Fraydna, I totally agree. Prayer for revival and justice with love is a good first start.

I want to tell you all a quick story from my recent past:

As you may know my little grandson (I have a pic down on my sidebar of G-boy) was born at 23-24 weeks. He was in the NICU in New York for 5 long, long weeks or prayer and much heroic effort. I was there with my children through much of this and on the second day I went into the NICU with my son. As we stood there looking at how tiny, tiny he was ( he lost down to 3.5 pounds before starting to gain again) I turned to my son and said...."Isn't it amazing that our new president is now allowing abortions of fetuses the size and age of your son?"

My son turned to me incredulous and said..."Mom, that can't be true. That can't be right."

I looked back and said, "Honey, check it out for yourself. The man you just voted for so enthusiastically is for late term abortion up to the day of's his idea of a woman's right to choose."

He was utterly silent and nothing more was said. However, I do believe it did sink in.....I hope.

Webutante said...

As you all know I moderate my comments. To that end, I decide what I think adds to the conversation here and what doesn't.

Unfortunately I do get comments that I am not willing to publish. I am not willing to publish highly charged hateful comments on this post. And I make that determination.

Webutante said...

If you want to debate whether Bill O'Reilly "killed" Tiller here's your place:

Let me reiterate that we all hear stuff from all sides all the time. Only liberals would dare to opine that a man is not ultimately responsible for his own actions...but rather someone on television is responsible for one of his nutcase viewers actions...
especially if television personality is a conservative...

A real principled conservative would say, that each man is responsible for his actions and choices and even the people he chooses to influence him and he listens to...

Ellen said...

Thanks for proving your cowardice. If you had any objections to facts I had stated, you could have raised them, but you chose to be a coward.

Webutante said...

You are most welcome. You see, we live in such different worlds where my "black" is your "white" and my "up" is your "down." And often it is a total waste of time and energy to debate such fundamental differences here, now. It goes no where and is exhausting. Ellen, I don't have time for this.

I've provided another site were you can go, dig in and bare your teeth. So, have at it....

Pam said...

It is a terrible thing, the way the Dr. was murdered. However, I wish that Obama could whole heartedly make the same statement about all the babies lives lost that he made about this baby killer!

And those who say it's Bill O'reilly's fault are proving their ignorance. He has NEVER condoned violence!

Webutante said...

I agree Pam. Thank you.

Deffenbaugh on Praying for Revival said...

I believe our nation desperately needs revival. I also believe that the sovereignty of God means that only God can bring revival, in His time, in His way, and using His divinely ordained means. We can and surely should pray for revival, but let us never think that if we but pray hard enough God will produce a revival for us.

He will bring revival in His own good time and in His own good way. We should pray for revival because, I believe, this is biblical, but not because we suppose that our prayers will produce the results we desire.

Prayer should leave the matter in God’s hands and not presume He has put the matter entirely in ours. This does not mean we should be inactive, not doing anything at all. It does mean that when we actively seek a revival we wait for God’s good timing, and we look for God to work in ways that we would not have predicted.

We don’t presume God will bring revival just as we have planned it or prayed for it. Prayer is the acknowledgment of our dependence on God. God is not waiting for us to be faithful or obedient enough. If He did, nothing would ever happen.

When it was time for God to bring revival to Nineveh, it was not because any Jews were faithfully praying for such an event. It was not because Jonah, a prophet of God, was eager for it to happen. It was not because Jonah was so obedient or because his preaching was so sincerely motivated. It was because God had purposed to save the Ninevites, by His grace. And because it was God’s purpose to save Nineveh, God did so, in spite of the spiritual condition of Israel and in spite of Jonah’s resistance and rebellion.

This was a revival, and it was one that was the result of the plans and purposes of a sovereign God who is able to accomplish His plans, in His time, in His way, with or without our cooperation.