Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Disagree With the Entire Free World! Love Michelle's Fun Look in London


CALL ME CRAZY, and it won't be the first time, but I really like Michelle's look here and think it's sassy and spunky. The snake belt and yellow sash thingy below the belt that's been decried by conservatives everywhere as hideous and disgraceful to our country, our Constitution, not to mention Westminster Abbey, works for me, especially with the little pale yellow sweater that pulls it together.

All I can say is if we don't have more to write about than dissing this outfit, then we're pretty desperate....that goes especially for Drudge who headlined this bit of news (?!?)today, for heavens sake. But hey, it's a slow news day and Michelle's edgy outfit is easy fodder for the snake mill. So what if she wore it breezing through The Abbey? Would have done it myself.

The outrage is hilarious, if you ask me. BTW, she looks great in those flat heel shoes and carries her considerable height well.

Make no mistake, this woman has a sassy style her own and it's not going away. While I certainly don't like everything she wears--or almost anything her husband does-- this one does not offend me in the least. In fact it delights me especially since it's been pulled off in London.

I'm no great fan of Michelle, however, I love this and after a good night's sleep may have more to say. One footnote is that crazy yellow sash which has everyone so worked up about works well precisely because it's farther from her face and in exactly the right place... That kind of yellow too close to one's face can be as devastating as a bad night's sleep.

Now let's go have some tea and scones with marmalade, deary. You can certainly afford to spill a little jelly on your lappy in this one!

Hips ahoy!!


gcotharn said...

Just a little bit, my one fashion thought is getting to you! Maybe. My thought being: an outfit ought express the genuine personality of the person. Michelle is a little sassy, this outfit is a little sassy, thus it is genuine expression of her personality and is attractive and appropriate on her. She's obviously bebopping around tourist sights. Casual is okay. It says: I love you London. We are friendly neighbors(who both despise that bitch down the street in Paris).

Webutante said...

Yeah, that's it, you've nailed the caption! Nailed it!

Tregonsee said...

More proof that she does her shopping at a prominent Klingon House of Fashions.

CA said...

As for Michelle, My Belle: As First Lady, she is expected to maintain a certain dignity a la Laura Bush. Michelle needs a lit tle all-purpose black suit (linen for summer; light weight wool for winter) and a nice little pair of Ferragamo pumps. When she is visiting a major cathredal (read Westminister Abbey) she can don her lady like duds and better represent our country. When she wants to go edgy with
her apron/cardigans look...yes, she actually had on two sweaters...then she can let it rip. There are, unfortunately for
someone like Michelle, times when a conservative look (I am sure she
would balk at that word) is required. She really needs to check out the wives of other world leaders if she is not swayed by Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush or Laura Bush. I was never embarrased by the apparance
of these former First Ladies. I only wish I could the same about our current "First Lady." Note the quotes.

Webutante said...

Thank you Tre and CA for your comments....CA I certainly respect your well-turned out opinion AND don't doubt its efficacy. Nonetheless, I still like it and especially in London. Sometimes we can't dodge that black-suit-bullet but this time she did, and successfully imo.

C A said...

I had a very long and detailed conversation with a Washington friend who reports that everyone in Washington is swooning over Obama and Michelle. They say that they are a beautiful couple. My friend has to bite her tongue. We are on the same page with regard to Michelle's taste in clothes. Washington types are critiical of some of Obama's politicies (just wait until the you-know-what hits the fan...then we'll see how beautiful they are!) but you never hear one negative word about him.

Washington is, as we all know, kind of a nutty town....totally power hungry with a never subsiding desire to kiss a--
if it will get you an invite to rub elbows with someone in power.

But, as for my friend, they are not pulling the wool (or J. Crew
sweater) over her eyes