Monday, June 29, 2009

Greetings from the West

Accidentally left my computer cord at a motel in Concordia, Missouri. Can't believe I did that! It will have to be Fed-Exed to me before I can write again. Meanwhile, I'm losing my charge and will be forced to visit with friends and hike until it arrives in the next few days....before I leave for Grand Junction and visiting friends for the 4th. It's looking like it will be a light week on the computer.

There's always something right about what's going wrong.

Am most eager to start writing about a story that I find utterly fascinating but now will have to wait.


Anonymous said...

HI Jane
Welcome to Colorado!
Looking forward to seeing you. I have a computer that you are free to use...

Southern Brother said...

Looking at the football stadium and red rooftops of the buildings...Is that the University of Colorado?
I am jealous of anyone who gets to spend time during this season of the year in Grand Junction. I spent three of the best weeks of my life in 80 & 81 playing in the JUCO World Series over Memorial Day weekend. What terrific people and a terrific place!

Webutante said...

Hi Sandie, can't wait to see you too! Yes, Southern Brother, Grand Junction is a fabulous little big town and I'm so fortunate to have good friends who moved there several years ago from Pine Junntion, CO.

jAne said...

Lars Gren (Elisabeth Elliot's husband) said, "Never pass up a chance to stay away from the keyboard."

Enjoy gorgeous Grand Junction. :o)

jAne at