Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday: Word To The Wise


I'll be back with more later, but if you own any commodities stocks, commodities ETFs, it behooves you and me to have tight stops/take some profits on them today and for the foreseeable future.

It appears that the tug-of war between the dollar verses commodities has just been won by the dollar, at least for now. I'll be back later with more on the very volatile markets and what it may mean for average investors. For now and a while, I'll be on the trading side of the computer.

We are living in most interesting times.


Stacie said...

Thought you might find this interesting>>>

What a circus....a scary one at that!

Stacie said...

Sorry...didn't realize you were a reader of the Market Ticker...disregard last link if you want to!!!!!

Webutante said...

Thanks for calling our attention to that article. I do look at Market Ticker from time to time, though several weeks ago when I wrote about the Fed buying the SPY through a trader at Goldman Sachs I did not get that from Denninger.

My sources are traders themselves, and articles in Real Clear Markekts and IBD.

However, it continues to be obvious that the Fed is buying the SPY to prop up stock markets as best it can. Also buying bonds like there was no tomorrow. And mortgage backed securities....trying to be all things to all people...very scary!

The Fed is a big player, but in the end, isn't anywhere near as big as these markets which will
ultimately not be manipulated by Ben and Company.

Thanks for the link Stacie. BTW, your jewelry is beautiful!

Stacie said...

Thank you! Denniger is trying to find people to nice to see Big Ben and Paulson in the slammer..doubt it will happen, but I do have a dream!

Webutante said...

Unfortunately, I'm afraid the problems we face in the coming months/years are much, much bigger than anything Ben and Hank have done. Not to say that they haven't been doing their parts to make things's just that this mess has been a lot longer in the making....and will be much longer in repairing than any of us can now imagine.

I'll be writing more in the days ahead and greatly appreciate your inputs....