Friday, November 30, 2007

Turning Over a New Leaf: 'The Clintons'

Saturday update: Wesley Pruden has something to say to the Clintons.

"The curse of the front-runner is well known in presidential politics. Think Ed Muskie, who cried when someone criticized his wife and his campaign, which everyone thought was embarked on a cakewalk to the nomination but evaporated overnight. Henry Cabot Lodge returned from Saigon in 1968, where he had been a moderately successful ambassador, to collect the Republican presidential nomination by acclamation. At the convention several months later, he ran far behind Richard Nixon, trailing even a forgettable senator from Hawaii named Hiram Fong. Stuff happens."

From here on, I'm turning over a new leaf. I shall no longer refer to Hillary Clinton's run for president in the singular. Instead I'll refer to The Clinton's run, The Clinton's candidacy. Because, who are we kidding? it's a two-headed candidacy and would be a two-headed presidency.

Therefore, from now on, I'm calling it like it is.

It's The Clintons henceforth, rather than just Hillary.