Friday, November 30, 2007

Michelle Malkin Continues Weeding

How do our gardens grow?

How indeed. Let's see, first there was vetting and now there's weeding.

Meanwhile, a friend e-mails me this recent link from the New York Post. Good read. Thanks to my friends and colleagues who bring important things like this to my attention.

Finally, Michael Totten writing from Iraq talks about the different states of peace in Baghdad and Fallujah. An Edgy Calm in Fallujah.


Patriot said...

During the Democrat's CNN/YouTube
debate they allowed a snowman to ask a question and a gun owner to ask a
question (a softball to make him look like an idiot and allow the
debator's to punt him out of the stadium), yet during the Republican
debate they allow a reserve general who is gay and sits on the "gay andlesbian steering committee for Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton" to ask a question and an question regarding abortion from a John Edwards supporter. Do they think we are stupid? I guess so.

Gerard said...

.... but are still far too polite.

web said...

I'm afraid that they do take us for dupes....but we're getting smarter, even if it's only in retrospect!

web said...

G, we need to become weed eaters!