Sunday, November 25, 2007

Road to Annapolis, A Review of the Peace Process with A Sing-A-Long for Wishful Thinkers

Forget your troubles
Come on get happy
You better chase all you cares away
Shout halleuja
Come on get happy
Get ready for the judgement day

-----Judy Garland, Come on Get Happy

Forget your Troubles: World Trade Center bombing, February 1993, by Islamic jihadists who intended bringing down both towers.That would wait until after many subsequent attacks and peace negotiations.

Shout Halleuja, Come on Get Happy! The Oslo Accords of 1993 abounded with high hopes for resolution of the ancient conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinians, during the five year process, were supposed to get land from Israel. Israel wanted peace and the right to exist from the Palestinians, in the ill-fated proposal that only led to more broken promises, conflict and the rise of the terrorism in Israel, compliments of the thuggery of Yasser Arafat and the PLO. In 1994, Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize, (in a stunning act of Wishful Thinking) together with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, for their so called 'negotiations' at Oslo, which only Israel took seriously.

Forget your troubles: Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in November, 1995 by a conservative Israeli activist, upset that Rabin might negotiate away too much Israeli land to the Palestinians.
Chase all your cares away! Terrorism grew in Palestine. Yasser Arafat, making a mockery of the Nobel, continued to speak out of both sides of his mouth, with one side promising peace, and the other, war and destruction. Arafat routinely incited Palestinian youth in speeches and at militant summer camps to jihad against Israel for the Jewish state's total destruction.

During this time, Hamas and other militant organizations rose to power and shook the foundation of authority claimed by Fatah and Arafat.
The Sun is shining: U.S. Embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1998. Then there was the attack on the USS Cole.

Come on Get Happy, Round 99: In July 2000 again at Camp David in Maryland, only six months before leaving office, President Bill Clinton attempted to broker another Peace Agreement between Baruck's Israel and the Arafat's Palestinian Authority at Camp David, in hopes of leaving a lasting legacy of world peace. The process completely broke down when Arafat refused all attempts at appeasement as well as Israel's many concessions of land. The PA leader then went home and continued making war and incendiary threats against Israel.

Shout halleuja! In late 2004, after effectively being confined within his Ramallah compound for over two years by the Israeli Defense Forces, Arafat became ill and fell into a coma. While the exact cause of death remains unknown, doctors spoke of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and cirrhosis. Rumors circulated that he had been poisoned or succumbed to HIV/AIDS. Arafat died on November 11, 2004 at the age of 75, leaving a legacy of embezzlement, filth, poverty, disease and terror.
Going to the Promise Land: Hezbollah War, Near the Lebanon/Israel border, summer 2006. Get ready for the judgment day, next in line for the Nobel?
Refrain, The Sun Is Shining, Come On Get Happy, Annapolis, 2007. Remind me again of the purpose of this conference this week in Annaoplis? Oh yes, peace. The Palestinians have refused every offer of separate land in Israel since the U.N created the State of Israel in 1945. The Palestinians are not negotiable until and unless Israel and her people are wiped off the face of the map---forever. But hope springs eternal with our desperately-seeking-happiness leaders.

Never mind. Let's forget it all, get happy and just sing along with Condi and Company for the next few days. After all Syria, the great hope for world peace has just agreed to attend. Now if that doesn't make us happy....


Bob said...

Beautifully done presentation! I am sorry, I cannot anwer your question. My only hope is that George W. Bush is not Bill Clinton.

Alex said...

And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher's arguments against the peace process ( )?