Thursday, January 28, 2021

Glenn Greenwald Video: The Reddit Rebellion: Gamestop and Melvin Capital

 THIS IS SOMETHING SO REVOLUTIONARY and fascinating that everyone interested in investing and money will benefit from starting to bring themselves up to speed on it.  It's only the beginning of draining the swamp of Wall  Street and the no good, rotten masters of the universe who always get bailed out by the feds to the small investors' often heavy losses. Well worth the time to listen and begin to comprehend.


This is one of the most interesting and potentially significant events — not just financially but culturally and politically — to happen in some (a long) time, and I try here to explain the key components and highlight some of the most consequential implications [note that this video was filmed late last night before the banning of the sub-Reddit by Discord on obviously specious grounds and, far worse, the corrupted banning this morning by major trading platforms, including RobinHood, of any attempts to buy GameStop and other targeted stocks while still allowing them to be sold: the ultimate expression of what should be illegal market manipulation to protect hedge funds):

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