Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tremendous Gratitude on Thanksgiving

WHETHER IT'S TURKEY AND DRESSING or my all time favorite of wild quail sauteed in butter with wild rice and  sides of oyster dressing, tomato aspic, fresh asparagus and baked fruit,  whether you gather with a cast of thousands, only a few or even at a cafeteria,  it's a wonderful day to be grateful for our multitudinous blessings truly too numerous to count.

My ultimate gratitude is to Almighty God who has provided every bit of this.  My secondary gratitude goes to family and friends near and far.  This year, my daughter is happily near, but my son and his family are now living in Paris, France.  I am grateful that they wanted to fly me over for this most American holiday but I had to demur for now until the holidays are past and the days start getting longer. 

Meanwhile, my daughter is making her fabulous homemade mayonnaise with other things and a ham and turkey are being prepared at this moment by others.  This year,  I am doing non-starchy vegetables like roasted french green beans, grilled radicchio with roma tomatoes. I love seductive color on the plate.

I much prefer the day of Thanksgiving to Christmas---which has simply gotten grossly out of hand.  The older I get, the more gratitude I seem to have----for everything.

I also try to eat and drink differently now.  For decades I would eat far too much food, far too many starchy and surgery dishes, then feel catatonic and exhausted afterwards--- often needing to nap for several hours.  Today,  I've learned how to eat and drink for maximum, sustained energy  so I don't get that food and sugar hangover like I used to. Thank you, Mark's Daily Apple.

Need to stay fit and energized to take a group with our loggers up on our mountain property outside McMinnville.  We've finally almost finished a road to the top after so much rain over the past three years. The town mayor and historian are going with us and it promises to be a beautiful and warm day. 

Thank you so much for coming by here.  I pray that each and every visitor is blessed beyond all measure by God who gives us hope in this world and the next!  God bless America!

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