Thursday, August 6, 2015

What Trump Is Accomplishing in This Election Above All Else

WHETHER TRUMP GETS ELIMINATED IN HIS PRESIDENTIAL BID sooner, later or never remains to be seen.  I've stopped trying to figure it out.

What I see as Trump's greatest contribution to the American people so far is his bringing out the weaknesses and worst in his opponents.  After watching Trump day after day,  when I then saw Rick Perry, all coiffed and coached to be presidential for the last four years,  I instantly knew he was done.  Finished. Too tamed down.   I was not in the least bit surprised he didn't make the cut for tonight's Fox News debate though I like him.

Now we see Jeb Bush unleashed and name calling, generally coming across as petulant and majorly entitled to a group of supporters.  This will be interesting, but my early call is Jeb will go downhill from here.  I've never been a Bush3 fan but this is not becoming at all. He's whining and playing Trump's game.

Another one bites the dust? Who knows?  I could be wrong and am often.

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