Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice Sunday---Death of the Sun Followed By Its Rebirth Three Days Later Starting On December 25

PLEASE JOIN ME IN PRAYING FOR THE FAMILIES OF THE SLAIN COPS IN NYC ON THE WORST DAY OF THEIR LIVES TODAY IS THE SUNDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. It's also the the shortest, darkest day of the year or the winter solstice---here in the northern hemisphere.

I'm sure we all notice how the next three, shortest of days in the year can often contribute to additional stress, intensity, risky behaviors of all kinds, suicides and, more pervasively, a less than sanguine, if not bleak perspective in all areas of our lives. The stress and darkness contribute to Christmas Day and December 26th being the leading days for heart attacks (dubbed the Christmas cardiac) in the entire year.

 The winter solstice is also symbolic for the darkness and depravity in the world before the advent of God's Only Son Jesus Christ arrives as our only true Light, Lord and Savior.

Coming soon again is the Hope of the World at this darkest time in the year to overcome darkness and evil, and finally death. One day He will make all things right, as well as dry all---ALL--tears of His followers. It's the greatest news the world has ever known for anyone who will accept this gift and believe.

This is a time to hang in there and remember the sun and the Son of God are real no matter how dark it might momentarily seem.
Pastor Mike Atkins at River Crossing in Jackson Hole gives a heartening Advent sermon on Seeking First God and First Principles:

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