Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Cook Seriously Delicious Southern Cicadas


MY ONLY REGRET GOING INTO SUMMER is that I may already be in Wyoming when the massive storm of cicadas hatch and take over the land. But if I'm still here in early June, you can bet I'll experiment with sauting them in olive oil (or butter, but never deep-fat frying or using lesser oils), sea salt and garlic to a crisp and serving them accompanied with chilled greens.  And maybe a Bearnaise sauce on the side.....

 Can't think of any more interesting way to add to my favorite recipes and, I promise you, cicadas are a delicacy to be reckoned with.  And just think,  I wouldn't have to go to the  grocery for fresh, free-range protein nearly as much.

PS Chocolate cicadas are not as appealing to me however.

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